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Understanding that the physical is an extension of your spiritual journey with Sanjay Rawal

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 “And so the idea of meditation, spirituality, was inherent in every physical activity. You brought the meditation into the physical activity and vice versa.” — Sanjay Rawal

The Halo Sport neuro-stimulation system is an easy to use headset which puts your brain in a hyper-learning state, so that you get more out of your workouts. Mark had a podcast with one of their co-founders, Dr. Daniel Chao, and he was impressed with the underlying science of the device.  At its simplest level, the Halo sport is allowing you to develop muscle memory faster than usual. It has already been used in the military, by professional sports teams and by Olympic athletes.

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Sanjay Rawal is an award winning Documentary film director with “Food Chains” and “Challenging Impossibility“, with his most recent called “3100: Run and Become.” The film is about a 3100 mile race in Queens and the spiritual value of running. From Japan and Africa, Rawal points to various cultures that use running not simply as a form of exercise, but a way to reach enlightenment. He and Mark talk about the importance of understanding that the physical is an extension of your spiritual journey.

Hear about:

  • The monks of Mount Hendai in Japan and their 1000 mile running challenges
  • The Kalahari bushmen of Botswana and their form of hunting which involves chasing their prey for several days
  • The ancient Long-Gom-Pa monks of Tibet, who had trained themselves to bound endlessly across the terrain

Listen to this episode to hear how many cultures use physical activity as a spiritual tool, exercise for your mind and spirit as well as your body.

PowerDot is an electrical stimulation device that allows you to increase performance, speed up recovery and overall achieve a deeper mind/body connection. Many stim devices can be clumsy and hard to use. PowerDot achieves simplicity and is well-designed. They put professional level physical therapy in your hands easily and inexpensively.

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