“The Unbeatable Mind event, created for our annual EO forum, was a great success and I would go so far as to say it was life-changing, (the guys rated it 5 stars!). You are a team of true professionals and I am extremely grateful you have made it your mission to share such positive and valuable approaches to life with others. It was inspiring to learn from individuals who have dedicated years to elite training yet continue to practice daily to master your skills. You are walking the talk when it comes to service, thank you and keep up the great work!”

Ashton Palmer – CEO ExpeditionTrips and EO Member

Executive Testimonials

When Mark Divine started SEALFIT in 2006, his aim was to train BUDS and other Special Operations candidates to thrive in the selection process. For SEALs, the bar is unbelievably high to even get to Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL training (BUDS), a grueling six-month training program widely regarded as the toughest training in the world. Once there, the wash-out rate in BUDS is high; typically only 15% make it through.

The people who came to Mark’s Academy had a very different outcome. More than 90% graduated BUDS. That was an astonishing result!

Over time everyday people, athletes, Executives, and CEOs who wanted to challenge themselves beyond the ordinary, and to go from good to great, began to attend SEALFIT training. While they weren’t looking to pass Special Ops Selection, they were looking to improve their physical resilience, mental toughness, ability to work as a team and be better able to lead in the most chaotic and challenging environments.

As a long-time martial artist, meditator and Yoga teacher, Mark knew that Physical and Mental Toughness alone were not enough to create a balanced and fulfilled person. He expanded the Physical and Mental Training to encompass the Emotional, Intuitional and Heart / Mind non-quitting (Kokoro) Spirit as well. Each of these fundamental aspects became the 5 Mountains of Development.

Unbeatable Mind was born from SEALFIT and began as the book Unbeatable Mind, and an intense, year-long on-line Academy bearing the same name. Thousands of Unbeatable Mind Academy graduates have attested to its effectiveness. The online course expanded to include live public training programs like the Unbeatable Mind Summit and the Unbeatable Mind Experience.

In addition, for over 10 years now, we have held extremely effective private training programs for organizations including Olympic and Professional Sports teams, YPO, EO, Shell, Fujitsu, Wells Fargo, and Google, to name a few. We have also transformed lives and businesses through our Leadership Coaching programs. These are integrated, whole person (5 Mountain) Coaching and Leadership Development engagements designed to radically enhance every aspect of our clients’ lives.

These leaders and organizations seek us out because they aren’t satisfied with ordinary results.


We use uncommon methods to get extraordinary results.


Because we believe that people can do 20 times what they think they can.

Because we believe that an integrated approach to development, one that encompasses Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intuitional, and Kokoro Spirit, will have the most long-lasting and profound effects.

Because we believe daily self-mastery through the 5 Mountains develops world-centric, whole body/mind leaders.

Because we believe that success comes not only from personal achievement but from service to others.

Because we believe that no one does it alone, and the best results come from creating a deep and uncommon sense of team.

Because we believe that there needs to be an individual and corporate sense of responsibility for reducing suffering and improving the health of the planet.

Because we believe in increasing global care, compassion, and cooperation.

We help you embed the learning with a blend of stimulating activity-based learning, practical yet thought-provoking instruction, engaged individual and team coaching, and tech-enabled content. Our content is modular in design so that you can select the elements which best support you and your teams developmental aims. We can give you a big dollop of SEALFIT-inspired experiences, or have them sprinkled throughout and all of our training can be scaled appropriately for the physical readiness of your group.

Our Trainers and Coaches have deep experience helping others develop across the 5 Mountains, operate in VUCA environments, engage at the highest levels, and create Elite Teams.


You want your organization to work together effectively as elite teams. To realize their potential. To mine the diversity of various perspectives. To be resilient and engaged even during the most high-pressure situations. To rise to and overcome challenges, to be able to navigate in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world. With Modular Unbeatable Mind™ Training you can focus exactly where you need.