Through Mark’s teaching, entrepreneurial endeavors and travel to foreign countries, he noticed the power of mental toughness, emotional resilience, intuitive leadership and a healthy spirit for anyone wanting breakthrough performance.  They weren’t solely for combat or restricted to the business world or one culture.  He’d watch them transform lives in people from every background, nation and belief system.  So he wrote and self-published his first book, Unbeatable Mind, in 2011 and launched its at-home study program.

Three more books poured out in a torrent…  The Way of the SEAL, published by Reader’s Digest, and 8 Weeks to SEALFIT and KOKORO Yoga, both published by St. Martin’s Press.  Writing his experience for others triggered a realization of his own full-circle journey.

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Hey, folks. I am very excited to announce the upcoming release of my newest book Staring Down The Wolf: 7 Leadership Commitments That Forge Elite Teams.
Using what I learned on the battlefield, twenty-five years training SEALs, and ten years coaching corporate clients, this book shows you exactly how to unlock your potential and the tremendous power of your team no matter your background or leadership experience.
The culmination of everything I shared in my books Way of the SEAL and Unbeatable Mind, the seven key principles outlined in this book will ensure that every leader and team can thrive in today’s modern environments that are volatile, uncertain, complex and even ambiguous.
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Staring Down The Wolf

7 Leadership Commitments That Forge Elite Teams

Unbeatable Mind

Forge Resiliency and Mental Toughness to Succeed At an Elite Level


Maximize Your Human Potential and Develop the Spirit of a Warrior

Way of The SEAL

Think Like an Elite Warrior to Lead and Succeed

8 Weeks to SEALFIT

A Navy SEAL’s Guide to Unconventional Training For Physical and Mental Toughness