Mark Divine is essentially the person we're all striving to be: unbeatable mentally and physically. He has achieved what we all want: self-mastery. His philosophy of 20x can change your life.

Jim RomeCBS nationally syndicated radio sports jock and host of The Jim Rome Show

You spoke of imagining yourself accomplishing something before you do it. I did this for the 2012 Games when I wanted to accomplish being in the top 10.

Lindsey Valenzuela, Champion, 4th Place in Women’s Division, 2012 Crossfit Games

So grateful for you leading me onto the path of using training my body as a way to alter my state ? CrossFit open competition is going well - #7 in the world after 17.2 ??

Joe Stumpf

Going into the 2012 Olympic Games...Mark Divine provided unique advice that helped us become a more tightly coordinated team.

London 2012 Olympic Silver Medalists, Women’s Team Pursuit

Thank you for providing me and all of your other students with this incredible toolbox. I never had a mentor before in my life and I am grateful that I found you. Thank you and thanks to all the many others who make this whole experience possible.


I can’t begin to describe how life changing your Unbeatable Mind seminar has been for me. The tools I learned at your seminar will certainly assist me in staying focused on what’s important and staying positive.

Kate ‘killer’ Rawlings, Owner Coca CrossFit

I’ve never seen a program that is as complete as UM and the Five Mountain program, nor one that delivers so many results in so many areas of your life. It has significantly improved my performance in business while at the same time enriching my personal life – its a game changer.

Howard Love, Founder/CEO of LoveToKnow & Angel Investor

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My Dad listened to your interview.  He’s 72 and goes for walks almost every day.  Sometimes his lungs burn if the air is too cold so he can’t walk outdoors.  He tried box breathing and for the first time ever his lungs didn’t burn.  He asked me to tell you thanks.  Your work has a huge positive impact on so many people.


Hi Mark!
Just to say you have made a deep impact on my life and still have a huge positive influence on me.
There is not enough words to express it. Still, I say thank you.
João Pedro

Dear Mark, I hope this email finds you personally. I am certain I am not your average follower, a 67-year-old woman, out of shape with a lifetime of bad habits. I have been an ED nurse for over 40 years. As you can imagine, I have seen and experienced more trauma and misery than any person should. After leaving the ED, I had a difficult time adjusting to “normal” life.

Never in a million years would I have sought therapy, too many locked boxes and to call them pandora would be an understatement. And yet, here I am, after my therapist recommended I read “Unbeatable Mind”.

Never has something spoke to me more clearly than you have. Never would I compare myself to a Navy Seal, but he did make me see how my “warrior” mentality which has served me for all of those years, is still present but with no direction or outlet. I am working through the process and want to personally thank you for your dedication and work. You are helping more than you can imagine.

Sincerely, Nancy Cuttic

Hi Mark,

Just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for creating WOS.

I borrowed it from a coworker. I couldn’t put it down. I flagged the pages. Bought my own copy. Flagged the pages in my copy, underlined and logged notes from it. There is really great stuff in there to help me not only know me better, but also to help me achieve my goal of being the best version of myself.

I’ve been implementing some of it as I capture it in a journal to carry around and reflect on. Love the mind gym and the box breathing. Definitely two of my biggest takeaways.

Thanks again
Ken Weinberg

I wanted to reach out with a sincere Thank You! I am in the Wealth Mastery program this weekend and you were fantastic. My brother was one of the original Navy Seals and a member of the UDT team in the early 70s. his name is Gene Gattung. I am an acupuncturist and so between the 2 of those background facts, I really was touched by you and your methods. Am trying to make time for your Wednesday Master Class. Until then, THANK YOU again! Jana Gattung

Thank you. The journey began for me several years ago with “Unbeatable Mind”. I have read and re-read this book many times. Then I read “Staring Down the Wolf” and “Way of the SEAL”. I was transitioning at that time and needed mental direction and focus. From those books I began a new journey in life. At the time I was not physically in shape to tackle the physical training aspect of Mark’s philosophy. So, I dug in. I now train 7 days a week, have lost weight, gained muscle & confidence and have developed a much different perspective on life. I have a new career, a new purpose, love passing on the mindset I have developed through Mark’s philosophy and have great plans. As the New Year approaches, it seems an appropriate time to reflect on the past and say thank you for helping lay the ground work for the future. Thank you. Keith D

Mark, I wanted to reach out with a big thanks to you and your program.  I was recently selected to be a NASA astronaut. I will be leaving SpaceX to become an astronaut candidate this Wednesday.  I attribute a lot of the success to working through your program.

About five years ago I was 39 years old and I thought I was too old to be an astronaut but I applied and came very close. I just missed it. At that time I didn’t believe in myself. And I didn’t have the skills that you teach through your course. I was pretty accomplished but lacking in a few areas.

After the disappointment of not becoming an astronaut at age 39, it was clear to me that I had missed my opportunity. So I gave up, I stumbled into your writing when I was looking for an approach to triathlons by Ben Greenfield.

I knew enough to know that it was important to take on challenges. So I started the eight weeks to Sealfit and meditation. There’s a lot more on that journey but fast forward to SpaceX and those skills became incredibly important. Every day was my most challenging day at SpaceX. And that I was 44 years old and would be the oldest male astronaut to be selected I went ahead and applied and decided to win in my mind. Lo and behold, it turns out you were right. I got selected and looking forward to the next goals, the next challenge, getting uncomfortable every day, and making an impact on the world in a positive way.

I can’t thank you enough for putting your lessons into the world for others to learn from.


Hi Mark, Hope all is well.

I write a quick note to express my deep gratefulness for your program. It’s been about 10 years since I signed up to UM.

Your training and disciplined practice have proven itself over and over again. Wow, what a wonderful journey it has been. 1% improvement each day for 10 years and many more to go!

As a side note, I left my job as global head of AI at BlackRock (where I hung out with your buddy Gary Shedlin) to start my own AI company. I am instilling the UM practices into my team from day 1 to build high performing team that “operates at the speed of trust.”

Please send my best to the UM and SEALFIT staff.

With much appreciation,
Doug Chow

Dear Mark,

I am about a third of the way through your book, Unbeatable Mind and I just wanted to take the time to say thank you – its incredible. I’ve been practicing box breathing for a couple of days and already I can tell there is a profound difference in the way I feel. I cannot believe it is so impactful. So, one again, thank you.

Kind regards,

Coach Divine. First, Yes Yes Yes. The value these videos have brought to me personally is absolute. Your messages are clear and concise. I have been following you for years and cannot begin to tell you the impact your wisdom and instruction has had on me. For example, front-sight-focus and slow-is-smooth applied to “little things” like cooking, cleaning. Outcome: I use fewer tools when cooking, planning/prep leads to optimal use of food without waste. Outcome: Mental/Emotional – When family or friends are spiraling towards a full-blown panic attack. These principles give me the emotional/mental space to not only “Survive” the situation but to Fully Wholeheartedly step into the loved one’s fear and lead them. So yes I’m In! and encourage you that this is F’ng Amazing Work. – Ted

I wanted to take a moment to give you some feedback on the Fundamentals course now that I have finished it.  First off I was completely blown away by how diverse and integrated it was.  I was also surprised by the unique perspective of bringing the work of so many luminaries into one place.  I have read some of the works of these pioneers individually before but to see them contextualized in this way was really thought provoking.  I will continue to read the recommended books as I now tackle the Coaching course.  I am sure you have heard this before but as I was going through the course and doing the exercises I felt as though I was coming home to a practice I had somewhere deep inside of me but had forgotten.  Looking forward to seeing everyone in September.
David Brady

Good Afternoon UM Team-

The principles of the this program came to me at time that I needed it most, quite literally, it saved my life, dredging me from the depths and darkness of depression and grief. I look forward to thanking the UM team in person someday.

Mr. Divine, You don’t need me to tell you you’re changing lives with your principles and way of though. Please accept my sincere appreciation for saving my mind, and in turn, my life. Let my testimony continue to fuel your fire, and may it allow you to save and liberate another life.Forever grateful , Hoorah!

Hi Mark,

I just wanted to say thank you for your Unbeatable Mind Academy, I took the academy back in 2012 when you first offered the enrollment. Since then I have used your applications throughout my military career taking teams of individuals through the process of true mastery. Promoting your material to coworkers, and recommending your books as guidelines to eliminate distractions, focus energy on our personal circle, understanding our core will allow for us to focus on the micro goals, portraying a positive state through visualization will lead to our team’s success. Your principals were extremely effective, calming the mind, body, and spirit, understanding the process of human behavior and warrior spirit. I just give you some feed back on your powerful effectiveness. Thanks again.

Marc Palumbo

Hi Mark,

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for your inspiring books. I’m currently  re-reading (listening on audio) “Way of the SEAL”. Strangely enough, it helped me with my divorce. I won’t get into the details, but your book was probably one of the most instrumental variables that helped me safely get out of a domestic violence situation, stand up to my abuser, and built a whole new life with my child in a new city. I can’t thank you enough! It was, to say the least, embarrassing to even admit I was in such a situation. I was a professional, an academic, and most people I knew believed battered women were just “too stupid to leave”. I was on the “wrong boat”, so I took your advice, shook that boat hard, punched a shark in the nose, and swam like hell to the right boat!

Since that day, I’ve recommended your book to lots of women in similar situations. The reaction I inevitably get is always “a book on NAVY SEALS? Why on earth would I ever want to read this?” I often push, and say, “Trust me, this isn’t a book for military personnel. Imagine having the mindset of a Navy SEAL, and going up against your ex with that mindset. Imagine your ex being confronted by a SEAL. Seriously. Alright, so we can’t get the body or the training or the uniform, but having the mindset makes a massive difference!” Needless to say, this particular audience seems to be benefiting  greatly from your work, and I thought I’d let you know.

On another note, I’d love to attend your training camp. Not sure which one, seeing as I am a single mother, and located in Canada, but it is a goal of mine. If you have any ideas on how I might be able to make that possible, I’d be glad to hear any suggestions or input you may have.

I know it might be a few years before I can make it to one of your camps, but I thought I’d reach out just the same and let you know how amazing your work is, and how far I – and other women – have come because of it.

Thank you again.

I’m in month 10 of Coach Divine’s Unbeatable Mind Program and just cannot express strongly enough my opinion on the effectiveness of his various breathing techniques. Each of them have a significant impact every day for me, in business and at home. Thank you again, Coach.

Brent Hugo

I first bought 8 Weeks to SEALFIT in 2014. I got an email from Men’s Health asking if I was tough enough and I’d been working out on and off since 2007 and thought here’s just another program to try. As I read the book I realized it was about a great deal more than just a workout. I tried the introductory workouts and they left me on my ass, sucking wind, wanting to quit. And I did. The book just kept nagging at me though. Every few months I’d pull it out and try again, maybe get a little further than before but never truly get into it. I was just too out of shape, didn’t have the time, didn’t want to be in the gym at work doing funny looking exercises, blah blah blah. I built up walls of excuses around me.

I started researching Mark. I read Unbeatable Mind, The Way of the SEAL, and I kept up with the emails from the website. When Kokoro Yoga came out I jumped at the chance to be in one of the early groups. I finished that challenge and then the Clean Eating Challenge as well. Then I heard about Bootcamp. The introductory level workouts to get you ready for Onramp. It was like a dream come true. The missing piece of the puzzle for me arrived. I told myself this was something I’d see the whole way through and not quit. Here we are at the end of week 12 and I couldn’t be happier. The excuses are gone and all that is left is me.

I can’t wait for the next level. There will be no quitting this time. The book I’ve carried around in my gym bag for 3 years doesn’t scare me anymore, it challenges me and I will answer the challenge.


Mr. Divine,

I want to let you know that your book ” Way of the SEAL” changed my life. I am 40 years old. I am a recovering drug addict and alcoholic. I have worked in construction management in the NYC area for the past 12 years. At times I felt terrible. There was constant pressure to meet deadlines and keep jobs on or under budget. This made me turn to drugs and booze to cope. I called my father up and told him everything that was going on in my life. My father ( who struggles with his own sobriety) from PTSD in Vietnam. Picked me up from work and took me to a detox facility. Five years later here I am clean and sober. I cannot tell you how much your book help me. I sit at my desk and I have an iPad set up I let your book play on audio while I am working. It has truly helped change into a better man, father and husband. I would love to attend Seal Fit but right now with two kids in day care I do not have a dime to spare. I hope this email reaches you. I also hope to meet you one day to thank you in person and really let you know how much you and your book has changed my life.

Thank you ,
Jerome G

Hi Mark,

having reached Lesson 6 of the Unbeatable Mind Foundations Course, I just want to say „thank you“! What you provide to humanity with SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind is simply awesome. Your work has a really deep impact on my life.

What impresses me most, is your ability to make complex things easily understandable and also easily applicable. You draw from many different sources of wisdom, like buddhism, native American shamanism, and so on. I have studied most of these sources of wisdom in the past, but obviously was never able to put the big picture together on my own. That’s what you are doing for me!

Best wishes,


I am a current college student and after reading the W.O.S. I was accepted into a major (Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship at Florida State University) with a 10% acceptance rate. My application essay on why I want to be an entrepreneur was written around the principles I learned in your book (WOS). I developed and am still developing an unbeatable mind thanks to you Mr. Divine. My writing and life took on a whole new passion and drive, which the application reviewers clearly noticed. I thank you for writing your life lessons into a book form for others to read about. I also thank you for your service to this country and one day hope to attend one of your crucibles to find out more about myself. I am heavily contemplating the Green Barrettes or Army Rangers and I think the best way to know for sure is to push myself further than I thought possible at your crucible challenge. Thank you Mr. Divine for changing my life.

Jackson Costello

Appreciate the connection Mark. Recently been diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer and just so happened to be right after I started reading “Way of the Seal” book.  The timing of these two was not coincidental. Just wanted to share that your book has been instrumental in helping me stay mentally focused on this road of healing.  Peace to you.  Terry

Mr Divine,

I just wanted to communicate a word of thanks for writing the book on Way of the Seal. I have just turned 40 and have been reasonably productive in life. However, the book has significantly improved my thought process and lifestyle. I am a practicing heart surgeon with a focus on transplantation and complex aortic surgery. It can be mentally and physically stressful although very rewarding. There are many research and education responsibilities and managing things can be a challenge. The tips and concepts you present in the book are very relevant to me.  They have helped me establish better focus and work better with my teams to improve productivity for the benefit of our patients. In addition, your book exposed me to other helpful concepts such as innovative exercise routines and meditation. I used to do martial arts and I am now going though seal fit with my son.  My relations with my family and coworkers are better than ever and I feel more energy than ever before. I am grateful that you took the time to produce your helpful book and video series. Your products are an ingenious addition to the development of any active professional looking to improve productivity while maintaining mental and physical balance.


Gabriel Loor, MD
University of Minnesota Heart Care
Assistant Professor
Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery

About a year ago, I watched the movie Lone Survivor. I found it very inspiring, the physical and mental toughness of SEALS dramatized in that movie, I started to look around to see if there were any books that would teach the SEAL mindset to civilians. Hence I came across The way of the SEAL, and SEALFit. As a conservative christian and pacifist (mennonite to be exact)  you wouldn’t think that I would have a natural affinity for an ex-Navy SEAL and yoga instructor.  But as I read those books I felt as if I was getting the coaching that I needed. One of the tangible benefits that came of reading those books was that for the first time in my life ( and I was 47) I starting exercising almost every day. I had generally seen myself as a non-athletic person before then. And I set a goal to do a triathalon in 2017. So yesterday I completed my first triathalon (a Try-a-Tri: 300 m swim, 13 km bike, 3 km run). I know it is very intro-level, but given my weak swimming abilities it was still a challenge. I just want to write and say thanks for your part in this goal achieved.
All the best
Mark FriesenWinnipegCanada

I’ve been in UMA since the beginning, I originally set out to write a book with a co-author on the mental toughness of a SEAL. We discussed the book on his rides to and fro to see his mother who had cancer. Life is funny, because your book and your UMA program were so much better at answering the questions I was asking. So fast forward, my wife now found out she has breast cancer. The skills you have given me more than equip me to walk her through this and kick this Devils ass. We are ready for the fight.

Dave Zuckerman


My name is Benjamin, I am 17 years old and I live in Romania. I just finished reading your “The Way of the SEAL” book and I am completely amazed. From the first chapter I felt that this book is the one I need in my life.Before reading this book I felt tired, hopeless and I just couldn’t accomplish my targets when they got more difficult. I followed your advices from the first chapter and I felt a bit of change in my life by applying the exercises and drills.

Before reading this book I felt tired, hopeless and I just couldn’t accomplish my targets when they got more difficult. I followed your advices from the first chapter and I felt a bit of change in my life by applying the exercises and drills.Step by step I became a better me (by going to bed earlier, reducing TV/PC time, training my mind and my body and following the exercises in this book) and I felt that this is the way I have to follow in my life.

Step by step I became a better me (by going to bed earlier, reducing TV/PC time, training my mind and my body and following the exercises in this book) and I felt that this is the way I have to follow in my life. Not much time after I adopted the front-sight focus principle at my studying for school, I started to get better results and that felt good. I’ve been going to swimming training for 9 years now, but I got injured a month ago and on the 4th of September I will restart training and I am sure I’m going to be a better swimmer with the WOS principles in my mind.

Not much time after I adopted the front-sight focus principle at my studying for school, I started to get better results and that felt good. I’ve been going to swimming training for 9 years now, but I got injured a month ago and on the 4th of September I will restart training and I am sure I’m going to be a better swimmer with the WOS principles in my mind. The Still Water Runs Deep exercise changed my mind completely and relaxed it, the same with Box Breathing and building my Mind Gym sounded unreal for me before reading this book. Now, I feel the changes it made in my life.

The Still Water Runs Deep exercise changed my mind completely and relaxed it, the same with Box Breathing and building my Mind Gym sounded unreal for me before reading this book. Now, I feel the changes it made in my life.

I adopted a SEAL-way of thinking while I train. I also have a Navy SEAL dog tag that I wear while training and every time I feel like quiting, I keep repeating to myself: “Don’t you quit, think of what you have on your chest and keep going” and that works every time.

It was a real honor for me to read a retired Navy SEAL’s book and thank you for writing it. Thank you for changing my life, Commander Divine.



This is probably my hardest lesson yet. For me having very little guidance as an adopted child and having to problem solve most of my life (which quite frankly I realized later has paid me huge benefits), I focus on the mind work the most.

I feel if you can control your “Monkey Mind”, develop emotional control instead of feeling out of control you develop a stronger sense of self confidence. That in turn drives your physical state of being.

Intuitive nature hits home for me. It’s our awareness. When I was a police officer from 1994-2011 I remember many times having those hairs stand up on the back of my neck. I paid attention to those reactions and most of the time it paid off. It really paid off in my two tours to Iraq and one to Kosovo. I believe that we have numbed our mammalian senses with instant gratification and laziness. We no longer go and find our food or hunt for our next meal. People in general don’t even usually cook their own food that much.

Thanks for this lesson! I have begun to de-clutter, simplify and awaken each day in a state of gratitude. I am focusing on de-cluttering my relationships also. I gravitate to more positive people and gently remove myself from the negative ones. I have almost removed my news watching but still remain aware. This lesson has been the hardest one for me but is proving to be the most beneficial.

The last thing is please tell your running coach that he has helped me tremendously. I used to run all the time when I was younger and stopped after a back surgery in the military. Over time I became lazy and gained and lost weight. It has deteriorated some which causes a lot of pain. I realized when I watched and tried his technique it was awkward at first and I have been running wrong for years. Being 6′ 5″ and around 255 in the Clydesdale division I am beginning to run again. That technique has lessened the pain, helping me run and enjoy it again and not avoid it. Thanks!

I appreciate the professionalism and the challenges of this course. It has awakened the Spartan in me. I share your techniques and training to everyone I come across who will listen. It has made an impact in my life, my families and even helped strengthen my marriage.



Coach, I would not have completed this program without attending Unbeatable Mind in January. The mental toughness techniques I learned there provided the support necessary to complete this very challenging task. My mantra: “He paws fiercely, rejoicing in his strength, and charges into the fray. He laughs at fear, afraid of nothing; he does not shy away from the sword.” I recited this 3-4 times before each set.

Hooyah! Ed Lathem

Mark Divine and the SealFit Team,

This has been an incredible year, in part, thanks to you.
Long story short:
2012: cancer.
2013: son (32 years old, myself 54) says we have to get back into racing together after the “big scare”. Previously we had done cross country and downhill mountain bike racing together. Previous to that I raced triathlons for many years. So in September of 2013 we did the Tri-State Spartan Super in Vernon, NJ. I was in the middle of the pack and had a bloody good time!!
End of 2013 – 2014: I decided to give it my all, now in the 55 – 59 age group. I investigated UMA and the 20X concept and joined (currently in my 11th month). It has been and continues to be an incredible journey! With UMA and alot of hard training I’ve enjoyed my own 20X this year. A 3rd place @ the Palmerton Sprint + a 3rd place in the Tri-State Super and a 5th place at the Spartan World Championship Beast in Killington, VT (7 hours and16 minutes on the course and only ~ 7 minutes off of third place). A Trifecta to boot.
It reminds me of a sentence from “Flow”, “…..flow cannot be a purely physical process: muscles and brain must be equally involved”.
In addition I thoroughly enjoyed, and benefited from, “The Way of the Seal”!!
Again, thank you all for helping me train, what I found to be, the most important muscle……….the mind!!
Looking forward to continued lessons, training and next years racing season.

Be Well,
Barry H.

Dear Mr. Divine,

IHope that your summer is going well. My name is Jake Danehy and I was on the latter part of your call with the Presidents Club. I am currently a junior at Colgate University and on the men’s varsity lacrosse team.

I wanted to contact you to let you know how much your book “The Way of the Seal” resonated with and inspired me. After reading “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” by Dan Millman my senior year of high school, I have been very much into yoga and meditation to help me in my athletics as well as my everyday life.

After reading your book, it brought the fairytale aspects of Millman’s book to real life and connected the idea of “front sight focus” to every aspect of my life. I feel like after reading your book, I see my life goals and aspirations more clearly. I still have a lot of work to do in that regard, but it definitely opened my mind to the realistic possibilities of life.

I look forward to hearing you speak up at Colgate in a few weeks. I would be more than happy to help you in anyway when you come up to campus, please let me know if you need anything.

Have a great rest of your summer and I will see you soon.

All the best,
Jake Danehy

Thank you for SEALFIT.  I applaud you for integrating the ancient and the contemporary without losing the benefits of either.  And, you’ve done it in an authentic non-salesy way that in substance and style is far removed from the “get fit quick” schemes that are so commonplace today.
I have more I could write here because I think you may not have realized that you are part of nascent movement that has the potential to have an even greater impact on society at large. More on that later.
Keep up the great work!
-Paul G.
Recently purchased the AUDIO book Unbeatable Mind.

Purpose of writing you is to say Thank You So much for the motivation and positive thinking your information brings. I listen Repeatedly as i work. Even when i hit the Gym or while others might be listening to up beat music, i am listening to the Audio books while running. You have so much info in the simplest form. Breathing techniques, as i have told others for quite some time, as a personal trainer, or even strength training. Some have Egos to think that even doing core training …. front bridges, Side, air squats, to name a few, are to simple. But for as many runners i have talked too claim there knees hurt and hip joints are sore, gives me the opportunity to try and explain in depth how important it is to do even the basic routines.
Again thank you and, looking forward to more Audio books.

You couldn’t have explained the term “Only Easy Day was yesterday” any better!!!!!

This book is a life changer; it lays out the blueprint and brings to the forefront unconscious patterns and with dedication and diligence provides a path to freedom. Freedom from the prisons created and reinforced through our own behaviors. WOS is written in a user-friendly format providing key tools and exercise to allow one to captain their own ship. This book is essential reading for the person who wants to hold their head high and their life to a standard they can be proud of. It is for the person who is ready to lead and succeed but doesn’t exactly know how to implement that plan. I continue to read and reread this book as it keeps my head in the game, but it has allowed me to grow from a place of fear to now act from a place of passion as I pursue my dreams as a physician.

-Dr. Gabrielle Young, on Way of the SEAL

As you probably know, you’re running a world-class program-and by far the Best I’ve seen of what else is out there-there is nothing comparable or close to what you have.”

-Paul Tharp, Command Master Chief, SEAL Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training

I am sitting at my desk working on some reports, but all I can think about is the amazing weekend that just took place. WOW! That was truly (in your words) EPIC. You and your team of instructors pulled off an incredible task. I am now starting to become much more interested in the spiritual path that all warriors must eventually walk. I thought your lectures on Yoga, the Warrior Spirit and Leadership were outstanding. I would really like to learn more on those topics from you when I am in a slightly more “alert” state of mind!

-Greg Amundson, CrossFit HQ and Amundson CrossFit, on attending Kokoro

Thank you for the amazing insight and awareness. I’ve been involved in team sports my entire life, and nothing comes close to what I have achieved with Unbeatable Mind and Kokoro Camp. I am a better person, father, husband, athlete, and businessman because of it. Thank you,

-Tommy Hackenbruck, Rogue Fitness Athlete/UTE CrossFit

I wanted to drop you a line and tell you how glad I am to see you guys at SEALFIT using that kind of exercise prescription for your clients. I’m glad to see the military community is slowly but surely catching on to the science of physical training. I’m one of the Strength & Conditioning coaches at the Naval Special Warfare Prep Course in Great Lakes, as well as a CrossFit Instructor, and a former U.S. Marine, so I’m always glad to see programs like yours doing well!

-SEAL Instructor

My daughter is an Academy grad and currently stationed in Norfolk but getting ready for a Germany tour. She has spoken with some of her chiefs and they endorse your operation very highly and even mentioned that some of your candidates fare better in their training after having been to one of your camps. That is certainly an excellent recommendation and thought that you would like to know that your program and its reputation have spread all the way to the east coast.


I just wanted to drop a line that is straight from the heart. Thanks to you I’ve invented a whole new way to do my work. The work I do is very physically demanding, but through your teaching on meditation, breathing, and mental toughness-I’m working at an elite level. My boss says, “I wish I had five more like you.” Thanks coach for your Unbeatable Mind training and your leadership.

-Jerry B

Coach Divine, Your book Unbeatable Mind is one of the greatest I have ever read and I reference it daily, but the significance for me has been more personal. Constant revisiting of your concepts is what kept me from coming apart on the darkest days of my separation. That I could survive the heartache of this I can survive anything else emotionally thrown my way. And as you say emotional and mental are tied to physical. I want to thank you so very much for all you do.
-Chad M.

Hey coach,

Kubik here from up in Canada, I’ve been a part of unbeatable mind since the get go, haven’t been very disciplined with it until this past month. I’ve since dove in head first, and my performance has sky rocketed in the meantime, my coaches are honestly shocked by it. I did 14.1 on Friday in a negative head space and scored 302, and knew I could to better. Went to my mind gym for 3 hours that afternoon and visualized myself successfully completing it relaxed and powerfully. Hit it yesterday and got 352, good enough for 42nd in my region. Just wanted to thank you for the program, I’m a true believer and am excited at how much material I have at my fingertips. Hope to see you again soon! Hooyah! Kubik

Coach Divine,

I wanted to thank you very much for putting together Unbeatable Mind, an amazing program. It has had a profound impact on my life, and that of my family’s. Due to your teachings, I’ve embraced a paleo lifestyle, train at a local CrossFit box, and meditate daily. As a matter of fact, I now belong to a Sangha, which meets bi-weekly. Occasionally, I ‘sit’ with Tibetan monks, and learn their warrior ways. All of these positive changes are due to the Unbeatable Mind program…a life changing catalyst.

I’m proud to say I’m a graduating member of the first class! Also, I’m in the process of flexing my entrepreneurial muscles while putting together two different endeavors. Once again thanks for everything. I look forward to getting out to Encinitas one day.

-Scott 🙂

Commander Divine,

I’m emailing you regarding my first month of the SEALFIT UMA. I have been an athlete for my entire life, being a competitive swimmer from ages 4-18, competing in triathlons in college, and I am currently a CrossFitter as well as an avid obstacle course racer and adventure racer (as well as the occasional 5k open water swim). Throughout my athletic carrier I’ve experienced almost out of body experiences with certain races or events where everything just click and seemed to be in perfect alignment. I’ve always been searching for the ability to consistently replicate that feeling and have had some mixed success at best; I haven’t been able to pin point that mental edge on a consistent basis. I’ve begun taking about 5-10 minutes after warm up and before my WODs to center myself with box breathing and concentration on the task that I am about to undertake. I’ve found that it really helps me push away the outside stress and pain of a workout and overall perform better. It has been said that CrossFit is really about learning to be comfortable while being uncomfortable and so far this program is really helping me master that inner voice and harness that inner strength inside of me when things are getting really hard. I’m really interested to see how this will pan out for longer events like a tough mudder, GORUCK, or a 24 hour adventure race where it is a more prolonged and dull beat down than that of a CF WOD where it’s a gut check early and often but for a shorter duration. My plan when being tested in longer duration challenges is to take a pause periodically and refocus in a positive manner. I will keep you informed on my progress on this different aspect. Thanks for the wise teachings!


Coach Divine, I have been following some of the Sealfit workouts for awhile now and as a Crossfitter I find them very useful. However the intent of this email is larger than lauding you for your programming, I am an officer with the LVMPD here in Las Vegas and will soon be going to our academy staff and currently train people and myself on a regular basis. Your book unbeatable mind is one of the greatest I have ever read and I refrence it daily, but the significance for me has been more personal. Four months ago the woman I was engaged to out of nowhere broke things off with me and I was forced to move and it turned my life inside out. Constant revisiting of your concepts and focusing on that Invictus is what kept me from coming apart on the darkest days. That I could survive the heartache of this I can survive anything else emotionally thrown my way. And as you say emotional and mental are tied to physical. I want to thank you so very much for all you do currently and all that you and all SEAL and SWCC do daily. Sincerely, Chad McCasland

Dear Coach Divine,

I want to thank you for your amazing Unbeatable Mind program which in my estimation is the most well thought out, organized and practical program of its kind that I have ever seen. Simply the best. Applying it has brought me back on track in my life of service, as a student of master of meditation. Now in my early forties, and having been on my path for over twenty years, recently I had been having new difficulties, and seemed truly stuck in the face of certain inner and outer obstacles.

The truth is, now that I am back on track, and also physically in the company of my teacher again, I am fully immersed in the work of my path, which is comprehensive and complete for me.

I more than appreciate your work, would recommend it to anybody who truly wanted to improve themselves, and I hope one day to meet you in person. I am of course in awe of your achievements and those of our great SEALS. I am honored to be part of Unbeatable Mind and hope to train at SEALFIT one day.

With much respect,

Eric Phillips

Good morning. I just got home from Marine Corps boot camp after 5 1/2 months (injury during training). I cannot thank you enough for just the few lessons I was able to finish before I left. I had no idea how meditation and yoga had anything to do with preparing to succeed in the military at the time. But now I don’t know how I would have done it without the preparation. I could use breathing techniques to stay calm and focused even when the DI’s were at their worst. I could use the ability to relax my entire body Very quickly and focus out on the rifle range. I was able to shoot Expert, the highest rifle qualification in the USMC. And as for the warrior yoga, it definitely helped to prepare my body (especially at age 28-29) to handle the rigors of training. If only I had kept doing the practice during training, I would not have been injured late in training and had to stay an extra 2 1/2 months rehabilitating.

Anyways, I didn’t mean to ramble on. I just want to renew my subscription!

I wanted to drop you an email to say congratulations on the release of your book, “The Way of The Seal”. I wanted to be there to support you and the SEALFIT team over this past weekend during the book release and the Unbeatable Mind seminar; however, my job had me traveling and assigned to a very important task.

I am not sure I have communicated with you how much of an impact you and the the SEALFIT team have had on me. I know that I have shared bits and pieces with you and the team, so I put this together this letter as a letter of gratitude; that you can see what an impact the Unbeatable Mind, SEALFIT, and Kokoro has had for me.

As you may be aware, when I came to US Crossfit over a year ago I was still recovering from an massive concussion that not only had a physical impact, but more over an huge psychological impact on me. I was physically week from sitting on couch for weeks on end after the accident and through physical therapy to get me back on my feet. During this time of sitting, mentally I was in the proverbial “death spin”. I really didn’t know who I was anymore. I had taken so much for granted every day, assuming you would be healthy tomorrow. But after the accident I had an “excuse” to sit and be depressed. Due to being hit head on by car while riding a bicycle, this moment would encroach on me and drag me down to dark places mentally. I was still breathing… However, I wasn’t present… I was entering very dark times.

However in the darkness, somewhere inside of me, was a spark, although faint, it was there. The spark of hope and kindling of a burning inside of me to be active, to be present, to be a better man/father/husband… It was when I was sitting on the couch, repeating mentally, “this is not who I am” over and over and I knew I needed to change. But how?

I then started doing research into mental habits. This was when I found Unbeatable Mind and US Crossfit. I also was so excited living close enough so I could workout at the place where others trained not only in mental toughness, but in developing the physical aspect of the body. I had never participated in crossfit prior to joining US Crossfit.

My goal from day one was to complete Kokoro. If I could complete a mental and physical challenge of Kokoro I knew it put me on a new path and I would not be defined by tragedy; however, I would be defined by courage and heart to overcome. Failure was never an option, since failing would be failing myself, my family, and letting doubt win. When I started US Crossfit, I also start the Unbeatable Mind program. Each month growing mentally with the tools provided with UM. The breathing and quiet times were instrumental in my recovery. It is one of those tools that until you fully embrace it, you would think it is some sort of voodoo or craziness…

As you and the team witnessed over time, I struggled… I wasn’t the fastest, I wasn’t the strongest, but I was there. Eventually I was able to participate in the SEALFIT program. I had my setbacks along the way with an AC joint sprain. Giving me that mental back door or reason that you could tell yourself that you should stop. However, there was the resolve and mental attitude being instilled by the Unbeatable Mind tools to continue forward and that quitting wasn’t an option. An example comes to mind when doing the 10 consecutive rope climbs and I couldn’t seem to get that last one. That is where you and team rallied behind me. It was brief moment in time; however, a pivotal point in the journey. Giving me the affirmation to keep going even when it seems impossible.

I went on to complete Kokoro class 28 with all the tools of the Unbeatable Mind and SEALFIT taught me. It was the culmination of a year worth of training and daily choosing to be present and focused on my front site, but a two year life journey and life lesson to rebuild stronger and not let the negative win.

I am truly thankful for Unbeatable Mind and SEALFIT. My goal going forward is to give back to the community that helped me though this time of my life. I want to give back to the Kokoro program that was the crucible experience that transformed my outlook and gave me the opportunity to win in body, mind, and spirit. More over, I want to say thank you for developing the programs to make these types of transitions possible. An email can’t communicate the gratitude I have for you and all the people involved with the SEALFIT program. I hope to pay my gratitude forward to you and the program.

Congratulations! I know more is coming and this is just the beginning to so much more!


-Travis Vance

Commander Divine,
Sir you probably get these letters all the time but I want you to know that you have profoundly changed my life and my lifestyle for the better.  I am a better human being since UMA. I am gaining control of my monkey mind which has run amuck for many many years with self-defeating attitudes and behaviors. I am now part of the solution in this world and not part of the problem. I am a sheepdog. Although I have never been in the military I am a warrior on the battlefield of life every day. I live my life with honor, passion, and focus. I will find victory in life or die in the effort. I am a better family man for my wife and 2 daughters; I am a regular yoga practitioner and meditator. All of these changes and shifts in my thought processes and behaviors are thanks your program. I consider and take your advice on a daily basis. This is not the end of the road for me I intend to get into the mastery program next year and am training for the 1 week academy and Kokoro camp. I look forward to meeting you Coach.

Thank you Sir.
“Lookin’ good, feelin’ good…oughta be in Hollywood! :0) Thanks so much to you and your team, Mark, for a great experience at the Unbeatable Mind Retreat last weekend! You guys rock! To paraphrase Stephen Covey with a twist…Now, the main thing is to keep the One Thing the main thing! See you next year! Craig”
Dear Mr. Divine,

Thank you for a wonderful program. I have been a devoted fan of your program through the foundation course and also participated in your advanced training classes since the start. I have established routines were meditation and yoga are part of my life and I use your breathing technics frequently to take me through the rough spots of my life.

While I have always enjoyed to row, run, bike etc. with a “sick” urge of finding 20x challenges (have done IM, Escape Alcatraz, Pikes Peak Marathon, Ultra-marathons, Martial Art….) your program has put it all in a new and more enlightened perspective. What used to be “just true hart” is now a structured approach leading to a Kokoro experience when circumstances calls for it.

The biggest benefit though with your UM academy is that the skills you teach are applicable outside the physical space. I find my self using my new knowledge frequently during my demanding working days as a corporate executive.

Thank you Commander. My biggest respect and appreciation for you and the work you do. I hope I get a chance to see you at a Kokoro camp soon.

Sincerely, Thomas Nejman

Gidday Mark

Thanks for the heads up on what is coming up. I just want to say I cannot believe how this has changed my life.I really don’t know where to start. It was like I was searching for something that would point me in a direction that meshed with my spirit. And this course has.

As an Endurance Athlete I was always aware of the power of the mind but all you ever hear are abstract sayings like “push through, steel the mind” and other stuff. At the 32km mark of an Ironman marathon or at the 60km mark of an 80km Ultra you can push through all you like but what the hell does it mean and how. This course has given me a toolbox of practical things to use that work.I have completed IM number 18 this year and it was the most disiplined effort that I have had.I used all the tools OODA looping, mantra’s, collapsing the mind, soft gazing, it all worked.

This course has given me the confidence to take on the world of Ultra marathons. I have completed my 1st 80km race and on the 21st of Sept I will be having a crack at my 1st 100km event then on 9th and 10th Nov I will be doing my 1st 100mile(166km)event.All this to try and get a spot to the Tour Du Mt Blanc in France next year (166km 8000mt climbing). This year I opened my own P/T business at home based on Yoga meditation and Strength and Conditioning.Its slow but I have 6 clients now.

I also have the opportunity to talk at a Mens Health Night about what I am learning hear and I thought it would be a good project for me to take my self development and test it out in a leadership capacity. I guess having a go at the “we” quadrant.I am not too sure where leadership comes from but I feel a real urge from somewhere inside.I am not to good at public speaking but I am really looking forward to this night and just hoping I can interest someone in the concepts that you have taught me over this past year.I hope one day to be able to fly across to visit the US and complete my training with Kokoro Camp.

I also have to mention Zach Evan-Ish for putting me on to you because he thought I might be looking for a program that would give me a new direction and thats how I found out about it

Am I ready for the Advanced Training Program? “I was Born Ready”

Thank You so much for what you have done. – Cheers, Gerard Santamaria
Individual Results May Vary

Unbeatable Mind Academy is one the high moments of my training life. I have had the rare pleasure of being tutored by tested warriors. I am hoping that my training with you will resume as soon as I take care of some pressing and immediate financial obligations. I want rest until I am back with your organization. It is truly a tier one group. Your training philosophy has taken me to another level in my work as a Threat Mitigation Specialist and Certified Forensic Medical Investigator. I have every intention of continuing my journey with you. I hold you and your organization in high regards. I have grown greatly over the past year and I plan to resume my growth with you shortly. Thank you for serving as an excellent mentor.

Coach Divine,

I wanted to send a personal note of thanks for all of the great content you offer in the Unbeatable Mind program. I am currently on lesson six and it has been an incredible journey so far. I have so much more work to do to get to where I want to be but the last several months have been so meaningful.

I was in a very bad place mentally when I found your program. I was literally overwhelmed with negativity and was desperate for something to change. I went into UM with an open mind and to be perfectly honest – it has been an incredible struggle. I have battled and continue to fight through some deeply engrained negative belief systems but I am proud to say that I am making progress.

This program is for me a new way of thinking about myself, about my goals, about my surroundings – quite literally about my life. As I said – I have a long way to go but I am getting stronger, healthier and tougher every day. Thanks for your help, guidance and this program. – Sincerely, Mike Benoit
Individual Results May Vary

Hi Mark! When physical ailments strike they can wreak havoc. Newly torn rotator cuff messed with sleep for a month, exercise and attitude as well.

I have downloaded Lesson 4 material and was in the process of reviewing the previous lessons. It’s all about the daily prep, daily planning, daily focus. It really is about my vision and the belief I can get there. It seems so easy to get caught up in the grind and lose focus. On the battlefield that can cost someone their life. On my “battlefield”, my arena, someone’s life usually isn’t in jeopardy, but losing focus is still costly to me, my business and my family. Not all errors are recoverable! For me, one of the important aspects of UMA is Marks presence, character, attitude and his ability to convey to me the sense that I can work through it. Quite honestly for me, I am so proud of and thankful for our military men and women and believe most of them to be special. Seals (and other special forces) are almost another species! Mark motivates me and encourages the desire to hone my skills and to make the most of all my blessings. So, when sh*! happens, enjoy the suck, and just push on. Tell him “thanks” from me. Mark is making a positive difference in yet another person’s life. – Enjoy the day. Kevin Adams
Individual Results May Vary

“Unbeatable Mind is absolutely BRILLIANT.  It is the only program I know of that coherently merges wisdom from many different lines of intelligence to develop the complete person.  The impact is that I feel supercharged, extremely focused, fueled by a greater cause, and armed with tools to help me pursue my Purpose with vigor. Thank you again for everything!! – Doug Chow, Crossfitter and Professional investor, managing several billion dollar global tech companies

Individual Results May Vary

“Mark, if living life as an example for others is a virtue, you’re definitely inspiring me every day.  I didn’t think it was possible through an online course. One of the best gifts I gave myself last year was the unbeatable mind online program.  I thought I would “learn some new techniques” to get ahead.  Maybe I would “learn the secret” to help me with my career” or “get in shape.”  But what I learned was more profound.  I learned to reconnect with my true self. “  Kurt Haasch
Individual Results May Vary

Hey Mark,

I really want to thank you for all the work you have done with the UMA program. I have made true friends from that. We are working together to achieve our goals.
You are starting to turn my life around.
Benedict Lim

I just wanted to drop a quick testimonial and thank you for The UnbeatableMind Program.  I just recently had an end of year review and my remarks were outstanding!  With remarks such as, ‘willingness to step in and take the lead, openly takes responsibility for success and failure which is a characteristic sadly lacking in today’s business world, patience in any situation is a welcoming sight within our team environment(just to name a few), I knew your program helped to push me into those roles.  In fact with this review, my management is so pleased in my performance that they’re fast tracking me into a lead/supervisor position.  I must thank you for offering this program which has opened up my life into living an authentic life day in and day out.  I am eternally grateful. Jamie
Individual Results May Vary

Afternoon Coach Dive and Coach McLeod,

I just wanted to share something out of what I have experienced lately with the UMA course. Besides all the training and mental toughness developmental drills I have really been getting better at authentic listening. In the moment when others are talking I have really been able to concentrate  and hang on every word they are saying. I also have been able to at times make the conversation more or all about them instead of me. It really has helped me gel together more with my new Crossfit team. It has really  great to learn this and to be held more accountable for this lately. I really needed that.

I wish I had started this course 6 months ago and it would have came in handy in a conversation I had with a prior Army SF guy ( Airborne Ranger ) / contractor in Iraq. When we spoke he told me of how when one gets older the military really does not prepare oneself for dealing with losses of life or decisions one has to make in combat at times. He said for example when you have to make split decisions to save a teammates life and when you do and another innocent life or child’s life may be accidentally takenas a casualty of war it’s hard. He spoke of several for instances and how also when you get older and your testosterone levels drop and how one starts to feel bad about certain military actions one had to take.

As he was speaking I began thinking of this as stuff that people had told him. I at the time had know idea of his military background as a ranger or even as a contractor. I didn’t even know at the time he was prior  military. Well, just last week I spoke to this guys mother and she was a bit loose lipped and told me about how so much had happened to him as it has with SO many  veterans and also of his SF career. Then… it hit me like a brick. I remember looking in his eyes as he told me this and everything seemed to come back to me like we had just spoke the other day. Those for instances, stories in third person were not of other people at all that he was speaking of… they were of him. It still kinda bugs me today and I really wish I was tuned into the conversation more and in the moment with him and was a better listener. Anyways for what it is worth and as you have shared  that we should all be thankful… I am thankful today as well. I am thankful that you guys have put together such an incredible program, team of guys, and have dedicated your lives in passing down this much needed knowledge as our culture is changing so fast.

In short, all eyes are not on me anymore and I feel like a whole new person and a  bit set free. Just saying thanks.


Have a great rest of the week, Regards,
Lance Groom