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Commander Divine on Embodying Unbeatable Virtues

By April 8, 2021 3 Comments

In today’s solocast, Commander Divine talks about the virtues necessary to become an unbeatable leader. He uses his personal experience, along with the wisdom of other leaders, to explain the virtues so you can take the next step and have the courage to apply them every day.

Hear how:

  • It’s not about what you think or say, it’s your actions that are important—especially when no one else is looking
  • Trustworthiness is the glue that holds teams together and how you can build and even rebuild trust
  • Integrity leads to authentic communication for a much deeper connection in relationships
  • Humility is about removing your ego from your actions and helping others—even when it’s least convenient

Listen to this episode to help deepen your understanding of the virtues and solidify them as a life practice for you to thrive in this VUCA world.

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