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Commander Divine on Developing the Offensive mindset

By February 18, 2021 2 Comments

In today’s solo episode, Mark talks to us about the Sheepdog mindset and how to always be prepared. You need to be able to win in your mind before the fight even happens, and learn how to find victory where it’s really at.

Hear about:

  • Making yourself an undesirable target
  • Developing your single point focus
  • How uncommon resolve is required for any worthy goal.

Listen to this episode to get a better understanding of how to be prepared and develop the offensive mindset to visualize victory.

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  • Chris Downs) says:

    Great Training! Back to the training I received in the military, but on a complete level. I appreciate all that I am experiencing and how I am regaining Peace and focus. Got this, each day is an easy day!

  • barney mayse says:

    This is outstanding information. It requires full attention and probably listening more than once. I enjoyed it and want to get on a team to practice these skills.

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