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Commander Divine on Cultivating Deep Awareness

By January 28, 2021 February 2nd, 2021 One Comment

In this solocast, Commander Divine gives us his insight on how to deepen and expand your awareness so that you fully understand yourself and cultivate excellence. Being more aware of yourself and your daily habits is essential to thriving through these VUCA times. Hooyah!

Hear how:

  • Aligning yourself with universal truths rather than relative truths will allow you to truly lead and live a life worth living
  • Visualization not only enhances your performance but is essential to effectively complete your mission
  • Morning and evening rituals are the bookends that bring structure to your day—giving you the required clarity and focus

Listen to this episode for a better understanding of how you can truly know yourself and have more effective and meaningful results.

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  • Chris Downs says:

    Thank you for helping me focus on who I am and being aware of what I believe. Top training that has allowed me to see through visualization based upon Truth, Wisdom, Love and Simplicity. Visualize my vision to become who I see who I am working to become who I am working to be. This podcast helped me to live in the present moment and walk away from limiting beliefs that I have. A daily journey to become who I am. Realizing that my past has been a great way to grow, choose who I want to be and take the path that focuses me to do what I say I will do and not encroach on anyone else. Getting rid of negative programing. Thank you!

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