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Mark shares the 3rd chapter of the new book he’s working on called “Launch.”

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“I propose that having a purpose is like a primal urge. It’s like a DNA footprint or your soul’s calling in life. But it’s not a job or a career.”-Mark Divine

Dr. Parsley’s sleep remedy was designed to help Navy SEALs to overcome some of the sleep challenges that they have as hard-charging individuals. Doc Parsley believes that proper sleep and recovery is absolutely essential to maintain our ability to perform at a high level. His sleep “cocktail” includes a number of supplements to provide our bodies with chemicals naturally produced by the brain to encourage sleep. Commander Divine is a huge fan and encourages members his tribe to try it out for themselves. Enter “unbeatablemind” at the checkout on  to get 10% off.

This is the second podcast in this series, where Commander Divine reads from his new book “Launch,” which was originally conceived as being for young adults. He realized that it was actually useful for anyone, young or old, at the point of launching a new career, a new project or heading off in a new direction of any kind. In the first episode, he read chapters 1 and 2, and today he reads from chapter 3.

In today’s episode:

  • Learn how to shape your passions into a defining purpose
  • Hear more about Mark’s personal journey to find his own purpose
  • Recognize that you need to complete projects that have already been started so that you can put all the pieces together for your new adventure.

Listen to this episode so that you can prepare to “Launch” into a new life.

The Halo Sport neuro-stimulation system is an easy to use headset which puts your brain in a hyper-learning state, so that you get more out of your workouts. Mark had a podcast with one of their co-founders, Dr. Daniel Chao, and he was impressed with the underlying science of the device.  At its simplest level, the Halo sport is allowing you to develop muscle memory faster than usual. It has already been used in the military, by professional sports teams and by Olympic athletes.

Right now, you can join thousands of those customers by using a generous offer that Halo is giving to the Unbeatable Mind tribe. Go to and use the code UNBEATABLEMIND at checkout to get the product for $475—over $200 off the regular price.

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