archer-4-300x263Whether you are just starting a fitness program, training intensively as an experienced athlete or just exploring lifestyle improvements and yoga, KOKORO Yoga has something that will transform the way you view your mind, body and spirit and the world of yoga. KOKORO Yoga is strongly grounded in the ancient science of yoga and other noble warrior traditions. As a modern integrated practice, KOKORO Yoga spans traditional yoga, martial arts, functional training, and valuable lessons from Mark Divine’s Unbeatable Mind lifestyle and leadership approach.

In KOKORO Yoga you learn specialized poses, alignment guidance and sequencing for a home practice. You will also learn a powerful set of breathing techniques for health, energy and balance, as well as the fundamentals of visualization, meditation, and the art of staying on track with your purpose. Learn more and practice KOKORO Yoga in person at the Unbeatable Quest in Carlsbad, CA.

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