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Kasper van der Meulen on the Breath and Enhancing Your Life

By January 14, 2021 4 Comments

Today Mark is talking to Kasper van der Meulen (@kaspersfocus), renowned Dutch educator and scientist. Kasper has worked with Wim Hof and is the author of MindLift: Mental Fitness for the Modern Mind. Kasper overcame his own difficulties with weight and smoking to become a better role model for his students through breathing and fitness. Now he offers his Breathwork Masterclass and has been a speaker at the International Center for Breathwork Festival.

Hear how:

  • Breath has to do with everything—once we grasp this, then we can be free
  • Focusing on WHY you are optimizing your life rather than HOW is more effective
  • Using the breath will allow you to unlock your intuition and develop spiritually

Listen to this episode to understand how you can use the breath to optimize your life and lead you to your path of purpose.

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Join the discussion 4 Comments

  • Lorna Feliciano Soriano says:

    I learned so much that i could truly help me aid my niece who is undergoing psychiatric intervention. Thank u so much
    God bless.

  • barney mayse says:

    Wonderful podcast. Since joining the Unbeatable Mind coaching program I have gotten more interested in breath work and how it can change physiology and provid a solid foundations for all daily activities. This is amazing information and an opportunity to radically change one’s life. Thank you.

  • Shay says:

    Hi Mark, got to know you through the interview with Tom Bilyeu a few years back and ever since following you. Great content. big thank you

  • Hi,
    I just finished reading Wim Hof’s new book about his method and I understood that Kasper worked with Hof. Hof recommends people do his breath work daily, but during the podcast it was suggested that daily was not a good idea. I think Mark said something about knowing someone that went nuts doing that. I have done it two days in a row but now am having second thoughts. Did I misunderstand?

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