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Dr Pompa on the Importance of True Detoxification

By October 18, 2017 August 11th, 2020 One Comment

“Those functions are really how a cell gets rid of toxins day-in, day-out. So unless you re-establish them, you will not fix yourself permanently.”–Dr. Pompa

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Dr. PompaDr Daniel Pompa is a well-known medical trainer on detoxification and is the author of “The Cellular Healing Diet.” His approach is to ensure that while “detox” has become a kind of vogue term, to make it meaningful, it needs to involve detoxification of the cells themselves. Most “detox” programs and supplements are shallow and don’t involve helping the cells detoxify themselves.

  • Learn how the slow accumulation of heavy metals might be poisoning you
  • Learn about safe and responsible dentistry for the removal of old, silver fillings
  • Hear how one of the pesticides common in farming and sprayed on almost everything you eat could be toxic to you

Listen to this very informative episode to get a better insight on how to rid your body of toxins.


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The author of the Cellular Healing Diet

Hey folks. This is Mark Divine with the Unbeatable Mind podcast. Welcome back to the show. So glad you could join me today. Appreciate your time, I do not take it lightly. I know you’re super-busy, and there’s a hundred and one thousand things vying for your attention. So, like I said, I really appreciate it.

Today is going to be a super-interesting show. I’ve got Doctor Pompa on with me. Dr Daniel Pompa and we’ll get into who is in a moment.

So Dr Daniel Pompa is a brilliant nutritionist who focuses on detox and fasting and all sorts of things that are interesting to us. Many of you know that I’m a big fan of intermittent fasting. And I try to implement that pretty weekly in my life.

So Dr Pompa is an educator to other medical professionals as well as the public. And he’s the founder of the cellular detox program. The author of the “Cellular Healing Diet.” Lots and lots of cool things. I think that we’re going to learn from Dr Pompa today. So Daniel, thanks so much for joining me. I really appreciate it.

Dr Daniel Pompa: I love being here, and I love your topics and what you do.

Mark: yeah, I appreciate that. So, you know, we always like to start with the “who” behind the “what.” Or before the what. So where are you from and what were some of your early influences? Tell us a little bit about Daniel Pompa.

Dr Pompa: Yeah, I mean, I live in Park City, Utah. But I was actually born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. So I’ve been here 5 years. No doubt the athletic lifestyle attracted me, but, you know, I can do what I do from anywhere. I coach virtually now, so I see people with really hard, unexplainable illnesses, and challenges. That’s pretty much what I do. But I do it virtually, from Skype. So my folks are from all over the planet honestly.

But my passion has been teaching doctors to do what I do. In my Cellular Healing and Cellular Detox. And it all came out of from pain to purpose for me. I didn’t choose it. It hit… I was functioning as a very successful chiropractor. And life as I know came to a screeching halt. And I had to figure out my own stuff. It started with fatigue and then it went to more unexplainable things.

Mark: So tell me… what was that like for you? What was the fatigue? How did that show up? And what were your first steps in trying to overcome it?

Dr Pompa: Yeah, you know, I actually was in the best shape of my life. I was an expert cyclist. I was racing mountain bikes at the expert level. I rode bike… I was just a CAT-3, but I was really fit at the time.

So when I started getting fatigue, I thought I was just overtraining. Like most athletes would, right? And then I stepped back, like we should. And then it didn’t go away. I would go out on a 5 mile ride and just be wiped out, fatigued. And then it went to headaches. Then insomnia. Then panic attacks. Then I became allergic to every food that I ate and couldn’t understand why.

And then it went to like just uncontrollable anger, irritability. I literally became somebody I didn’t even know.

I had 2 young kids at the time. Boys. And I couldn’t even handle them crying. That was how bad it was.

So that sent me on obviously a search. And it was a 4 year search, honestly, before I actually tracked down what was going on.

Mark: What was your diet at the time? What was your typical meal plan?

Dr Pompa: Yeah, I’d have to say it was a really good diet. I practiced what I preach. I was mostly organic. Grass-fed meat. I mean honestly, my diet was good.

Mark: Wow. So your diet was fine. And there was no other… you weren’t over-training? Could it have been over-training? Is there anything that you can point to that kind of triggered this situation in your life?

Dr Pompa: Well, I said it took me 4 years to figure it out. I was searching online at one point, and I found something called “Mad hatters disease.” And I had every symptom. I was mad as a hatter. And if you’ll recall… your listeners recall what that is these are the people making felt hats… or using mercury. And they became known as “Mad as a Hatter.” So they became mercury toxic.

So I went and got a mercury test. And unfortunately I did a blood test and it came out negative. Which if I had mad hatter’s disease it would have been positive, because that was acute mercury poisoning. But as it turned out, I had chronic. So what happened was it was like a year after that… I became good friends with a very bright endocrinologist. Cause my thyroid and adrenals were shot. But every time I tried to address them, some things would get better, but most things would get worse.

So he said, “Dan, I think you have mercury poisoning.” And I said, “I thought so too. But I did this test, and it came out negative.” And he said, “That’s the wrong test. Do this one.”

So I took a chelating agent, challenged it out of my tissues, and then there it was. As well as lead and some other things. So of course, I asked the logical question. “Where do you think I got it?”

And he said, “did you have any dental work done around the time this all happened?” And I said, “You know, I may have. Because I had 2 fillings removed and they put this gold in. And so my good friend, who is my dentist actually… I called him and he gave me the dates. Cause I was journaling my cycling. I knew exactly when my symptoms started. As it happened just a few days after that… those 2 fillings. Those amalgam fillings… those silver fillings in your mouth contain 50% mercury. Didn’t know that obviously, at the time.

So taking them out just set my bucket overflowing. Of course, they were leeching mercury into my brain the whole time. As a matter of fact, studies show that. The number of fillings… those silver fillings you have in your mouth is equal on studies to how much they find in your brain on autopsies.

So and it leeches there for… that’s why this illness is typically a 30 year-old illness. Meaning that, they’re there and it’s bio-accumulating in your brain. So that explained… because when I was trying to figure out my thyroid and adrenal issues, I knew that it was upstream. I even identified… I said several times to many people I think it’s my hypothalamus pituitary which controls your thyroid and your adrenals. Well I was right, because on studies that’s where the mercury accumulates actually, mostly.

And so that’s… I had to get the rest of them out of my head. I had about 6 more. Safely. Correctly. And then I had to get the mercury out of my brain. To ultimately get my life back.

And there started my search. And there started what I teach today, a lot. And the irony is this too… I’ll just throw this out there is after… shortly after I got my life back we had a death in our family. My wife’s cousin. They… she died and her husband tragically died and we were left with 2 twins. Boy and a girl.

They were 7 at the time and he was vaccine damaged along the way, and ended up on the autism spectrum. And they ended up in my life. So I applied what I learned myself to him. And he’s now a normal kid. Matter of fact, he’s… I just spoke to him 30 minutes ago. And you would never know. He’s 21 now.

But the point is is that everything I teach came out of this.

Fillings and Mercury


Mark: Okay. You’re bringing up so many interesting things, that I… I don’t want to get too far ahead. I want to come back to your adopted son and this issue about vaccine. Because that’s a huge… like, almost conspiracy theory type topic that I want to get into.

But before that. (laughing) You’re scaring me cause I’ve got those same fillings. And they’re still in my mouth. I don’t think I’m as mad as a hatter, but my wife might question that one. So you’re saying that generally speaking, I’ve been leeching mercury into my head just like you were from these fillings. Are there different types of fillings? Let’s talk about that, right there…

Dr Pompa: Yeah, the silver ones are the ones. The white fillings are a composite. They’re not leeching mercury…

Mark: Yeah, but they didn’t do white fillings back in the ’60s and ’70s when I got mine done, right?

Dr Pompa: Well, here’s the thing, Mark. Is I wasn’t mad as a hatter either. The hundreds of patients that my doctors that I train see. The hundreds of clients that I see. You know, they all have their same story. They were just like you. They too felt absolutely normal. And they too started with probably very simple… mine started more quickly because I had 2 removed incorrectly. And it was just vaporized a bunch into my brain.

But that’s not typically how it starts. Typically, it’s, you know…” I have some fatigue. I might have a little brain-fog. I don’t remember the same anymore. I’m not sleeping as deep…” And then it kind of just keeps going. And you know, then all of a sudden, you know, life is different.

So it never happens abruptly. If you have fillings in your mouth, it’s not my opinion–you have mercury in your brain–which by the way, Alzheimer’s, dementia can start (snap) like that. And we know that it plays a role.

Mark: So getting the filling out… what did the dentist do wrong that caused a flood of mercury? It seems like you pop the thing out, and all of a sudden, that problem goes away. Obviously not.

Dr Pompa: Yeah, when you drill on these fillings, you add heat and you add mercury vapor. So you have to… there’s a process… what we call biological safe dentist does. Number one, they put a block so you don’t swallow any of the chunks that come out. Which happens all the time. &

They give you fresh, constant air. Or oxygen. So you’re breathing fresh air, not the mercury vapor. They have a filter that they put right in front of you mouth. It creates a negative air pressure that sucks the vapor into this filter that filters the mercury out of the air. Protects them and you.

So all of those… and they have special drills that keep copious amounts of water on the filling to keep the temperature down. So there’s a whole process this safe dentist uses. Now, by the way, that dentist that does that… it took him some years. But when I figured out what was wrong, I brought him all of this research. Because the ADA tells dentists its safe. And they have. And they keep changing their tune along the way, but most dentists listen to their protective body. But if they dug in deeper, they would realize, “Holy cow. There’s a whole ‘nother side to this story.”

So he did eventually. And now he practices safe dentistry.

Mark: Is this common-knowledge out there? Or if I went to my dentist would I have to say, “Hey, are you doing this, this, this and this?” Or is it, you know…

Dr Pompa: Yeah, there’s a whole growing number of dentists now. It’s called the And it’s the Academy of Oral Medicine, Toxicology. And that’s where you can find a safe dentist.

But there’s a growing number of them. If you put in Google “safe dentistry,” you’ll find some.

And it’s because of their own. Dentists lead the way in so many diseases. Including suicides, psychological disease. Psychotropic types of conditions. And so it’s… they’re starting to educate themselves.

Mark: That’s fascinating. Sorry, I just made a mental note… literally wrote it into my task list to get my fillings removed safely.

Dr Pompa: And again, go to a safe dentist. And on my website I have a prep phase. You need to prepare your cells and your downstream pathways. Then do it correctly with a safe dentist. Then we can start cellular detox to get it out of the brain.

So that process has saved thousands of people’s lives because I’ve trained hundreds of doctors around the country to do it. And you can find one of my docs on my website.

Mark: So since you brought it up–and I know we would get to this later–but someone’s furiously taking notes right now. What is the website so they can go check it out?

Dr Pompa: Its So Doctor Pompa dot com.

Cellular Detoxification


Mark: Okay, so let’s say I found a safe dentist and I’ve gotten these things extracted. Now I gotta go open up my brain and pull the mercury out. How do I do that?

Dr Pompa: Yeah, so herein lies what I call true cellular detox. Number one: I think detox has become very in vogue. People realize today that toxins are why they don’t feel well. But… and even why they can’t lose weight, ironically enough–which we could talk about that.

So they go and they do a colon cleanse. A liver cleanse. And there’s so many different cleanses. The 10 day cleanse. Every health food store. And some of those things are fine.

However, they’re too far downstream to truly matter. So that’s where the term “cellular” detox came from. And so I have 3 criteria that make up true cellular detox. And one of which is, you have to up-regulate cell function. So I have what I teach my 5 Rs of how to get a cell to function. It was a road-map while I was teaching doctors on how to up-regulate cell function. And it just kind of caught on in the public.

But these cellular functions, like fixing the cell membrane, restoring the cellular energy, reducing inflammation, re-establishing methylation pathways… which mean nothing to your listeners. Except… those functions are really how a cell gets rid of toxins day-in, day-out. So unless you’ve re-established those, you will not fix yourself permanently. Because the cell has to get rid of even the toxins it makes. When it makes energy. So we have to re-establish that. That’s criteria one.

Number two: you have to open downstream pathways. The liver, the kidney, the gut. You have to close down the gut barrier. You have to do that as a pre-… really a preparatory phase before we even start the process.

And then thirdly… the third criteria that makes up true detox is using real binders. So many of your listeners may have heard of chlorella, the metal magnet or cilantro… all these different things. But none of those things are really true binders. A true binder has the ability to hold onto something that’s hard. To hold on as a heavy metal. Not let go till it’s all the way out of the body.

And those have to be used. And they have to be used correctly. So we use one that helps take things from the cell all the way to the gut. And then we have another one that helps to take it from the gut all the way out of the body so you don’t reabsorb it from the gut. Which happens. It’s called auto-intoxicant.

So we use these true binders. We up-regulate cell function. We open up the pathways. And we use these true binders to make sure the stuff leaves the body all the way. So that’s in a nutshell what true cellular detox is. And

And then we do that in 3 phases, Mark. We do it in a prep phase. A body phase. And then finally, the brain phase. That’s the deep phase which we teach people to do because it’s typically years not months to get that stuff out of the brain.

Mark: No kidding. This isn’t just a quick little detox program. That I’m going to buy some supplements and be done with it in 8 days.

Dr Pompa: I wish it were so simple. But unfortunately we bio-accumulate these toxins from the womb to the tomb. So, Mark, I mentioned this study earlier… there’s a study called the Drasch study, which not that that matters to anyone, but just… it’s a very accurate study because they looked at autopsy studies of fetuses and babies–from death, from birth–and what they found was that the amount of mercury in the babies’ brains was proportional to how many fillings the mom had in her mouth. So meaning that the mercury in utero started from mom’s fillings and literally proportional to how much was in the baby’s brain. On autopsy.

So very, very… and I’m preparing a talk, ironically enough, I’m doing a talk at Bulletproof. And putting that talk together I literally had so many studies. I chose 4 studies to validate my point. But that’s how many studies actually showed up.

Mark: That’s interesting. So what… God, I’ve got so many questions… what other sources…? I’ve heard of mercury coming from fish, right? So that’s where I would have typically thought of, but I guess now it makes sense. I have heard in the past that mercury can come from your fillings. I don’t think anybody knows how big of a problem this is. So let’s just establish that. This is news to me. You know?

And that it’s been building up for years. So if you’re a fish-eater… Let’s say I’m listening to this podcast and I’m not a fish-eater and I don’t have any fillings, so I still be worried?

Dr Pompa: Well, let’s talk about… in one of my Power Points I have a graph. And you all can Google this. The number 1 adult source of mercury… Number 1 by far, 4 times the amount is amalgam fillings. Number 2 was vaccines. Flu shots still have 25 micrograms of mercury, which is a massive amount of ethyl mercury. Which crosses right into the brain.

And the 3rd source was seafood and then other environmental sources after that. So amalgams, vaccines, and then it was seafood.

So if you look at those sources… Hugh Fudenberg is at least the most quoted immunologist of our time. I think his name is on at least 800 peer-reviewed papers. So the guy knows a little bit. He in one of his studies looked at a 10 year period and if someone had 5 consecutive flu shots in that 10 year period, they had a ten-fold increase of Alzheimer’s.

Similar studies with Parkinson’s. And when Hugh was asked, “where is this source coming from? Why is this occurring?” he said it’s the bio-accumulation of mercury and aluminum in the brain.

Now Hugh took some heat. If you go to the CDC website they still knock Hugh’s findings down, and there’s still a comment about them. Hugh, to this day, stands by those findings. And has now been backed by other studies.

So, you know, I’m not telling anyone not to vaccinate… not to get the flu shot. But I’m telling you you better do your homework.

Mark: So what other… we’ve learned that fillings, vaccines and fish are the most common sources not just of mercury but you said of aluminum and probably other trace things as well, right?

And they’re all bad, but mercury seems to be the major problem, right?

Dr Pompa: It is–but, you know–we have something else happening today. So we have aluminum, we have mercury, right? Just in one Hepatitis B vaccine, just to give you an example, there’s 250 micrograms of aluminum. Which if you look at that, we’re giving that to a baby, right? Hepatitis B. At birth, by the way. And if you look at what the government considers safe for aluminum in an IV–a 24 hour IV in an 8 to 10 pound child–it’s about 35 micrograms of aluminum. We’re giving 250 in one shot. So you can imagine.

And then months later we’re giving more of those shots. Up to a hundred times more than government bodies say is allowed. Far over what the body can handle.



Now we have another problem happening today. Something called glyphosate. It’s being sprayed on our entire food supply. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Roundup, which is the number 1 herbicide, pesticide on the planet. Glyphosate. Stephanie Seneff. She’s the senior scientist at MIT. It was her 2012 study that actually showed that this chemical that we’re all being exposed to… they say it’s in 60% of the rainfall for goodness sake. So even to some degree, could be in organic crops.

So we’re all being exposed. But what she said is it’s opening up the blood-brain barrier. It’s allowing things like mercury and aluminum to cross deeper in to the nerve tissue in the brain. Which she believes is why we’re seeing this massive increase in dementia. In Alzheimer’s. In Autism related disorders.

So… not to mention, the same chemical wipes out our good gut bacteria. Which creates dysbiosis, leaky gut, autoimmune… so we have… we’re inheriting mercury from our parents. I didn’t even talk about lead yet, because that’s also inherited from mom in utero. We’re getting exposed to it via vaccines, amalgam fillings, and our environment, fish… things you mentioned.

And then we’re exposed to this chemical which is now allowing it to go deeper into the brain. So this is a problem today. And I think it’s leading to even the overuse of psychotropic drugs, anti-depressants. At least when you look at the statistics, there’s something happening here.

Mark: Jeez, I’m getting depressed. Holy cow.

Dr Pompa: (laughing) Don’t take a psychotropic drug.

Mark: (laughing) I need a psychotropic. Holy cow.

So Roundup… that’s Monsanto. So I’ve heard a lot about Roundup. So they’re spraying this shit. Is there any movement or pressure to have them like… stop doing that? Or to change the formula of this?

Dr Pompa: You know I was interviewed on… it’s a docu-series. It’s called “GMOs Revealed.”And you can Google it. Find it. It’s out there. And it was incredible. I was one of the experts. There was so many experts I thought it was just incredible.

But exposing this chemical for what it is. And yes it’s sprayed in massive amounts on Genetically Modified Foods such as corn. I mean, do not eat corn. If you watch me order something from a restaurant–even a healthy restaurant, so to speak–if they can’t prove to me that that corn is 100% organic…or soy… I will not eat it. Or the corn oil. Or the soy oil. Which I wouldn’t eat anyway.

But the GMO, the Genetically Modified Organism–they’re raising them to handle massive amounts of this chemical without dying. And therefore there are massive exposures. And there’s other problems with those Genetically Modified Organisms but the overexposure is massive. And yes, Monsanto is the company that makes the chemical. And then makes the Genetically Modified seed that can handle more of the chemical. So go figure. Figure that one out yourself.

But listen, they fought for years saying it doesn’t cause cancer and tumors etc. Now they can’t say that anymore because the studies have stacked up on them. So beware. Educate yourself. Watch “GMOs revealed.” And listen to some of these other experts.

A Perfect Storm


Mark: So you mentioned Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autism. What other problems can reveal themselves either at a young or an old age? With this issue?

Dr Pompa: Well, you know, I think that if we just… I would say most of your listeners probably haven’t experienced any of those conditions. But they might have experienced lack of energy, not recovering from exercise anymore. They’re not sleeping the same. Maybe they have adrenal or thyroid issues. This is where it all starts.

Or, here’s another one–despite what you’re eating and how much you’re exercising, you can’t lose the weight and have abs anymore. You’re gaining weight. You can’t lose 10 pounds. You gain 10 and can’t lose it.

All of that is a link to neuro-toxic issues. And I have a saying–“You won’t get well until you fix the cell.” And more specifically, you won’t get well until you detox the cell.

Mark: What about ADD and ADHD? My son was “diagnosed,” quote-unquote with those and so it affected his education path and all that. But he didn’t have any vaccines. We didn’t… well maybe we did. I can’t remember. I should know that. We didn’t do much, I know that.

So… and nor does he have any fillings, so I’m wondering… At any rate, can ADD and ADHD be related to vaccines. Because I think… that’s the big conspiracy theory, right?

Dr Pompa: I mean it can. But I would argue that there’s sure a perfect storm that take place. So my son was diagnosed with it as well. I mean, he’s fine and all now. But the point is is though my wife had massive lead. She got it from her mother. Because that is the number 1… lead. I talked about mercury from the fillings and mom and your wife may or may not have fillings.

But lead went through my wife’s mother to her. And disrupted my wife’s hormones. Despite a perfect diet and all those things. And my children–not vaccinated. Ate a perfect diet. All of a sudden had gut issues, ADD. And we tested their lead. And their lead was off the charts.

And so where did they get it, of course. They got it from mom. My wife was heading down the same road as her mother who ended up with such hormone disregulation she had breast cancer. Went the standard route. 10 years later, ended up with uterine cancer.

Cause she was a cured for breast cancer. Not dealing with the cause. So therefore it showed up in another cancer. 2 years later died of uterine cancer. And my wife’s hormone disruption driven by her lead was heading in the same direction.

So you have to understand that what we’re being exposed to just from utero. And then now being exposed to. Your children and mine are being exposed to levels of this glyphosate. And if you look at Stephanie Seneff. Google her name. She’s from MIT. If you read her stuff it’s one study after another… and I don’t link to a lot of other studies but showing how glyphosate is disrupting our microbiome. That’s our good bacteria in our gut that we need for our brain between our ears to function normally. And have a normal immune system.

If we’re looking at the chemicals we’re inheriting. And then the chemicals we’re being exposed to. Causing these chemicals to go deeper into our nerve system. You know, ADD now becomes something that is just so prevalent. 1 out of 5 kids today have learning disabilities. I mean, we are in a state right now that we’ve never been in as a country.

You know, when we look at these shootings that are occurring. And I’m gonna piss some people off right now. But I have to, I think. Is it the guns? But I ask this question… why didn’t we have shootings when I was a kid? I’m 52. Oh we had one. The University of Texas, right? And he was an ex-marine with a brain tumor

People had more access, easier access to guns then. Which changed?

I know that we’re loading kids up with more and more psychotropic medications. We’re loading kids up with more vaccines. We have a chemical that’s causing these toxins to cross deeper into their brain. Our country leads the way in all of these chemicals. Psychotropic drugs. Every one of these things. So just maybe that’s the bigger issue.

Mark: Yeah, I hear what you’re saying. And I agree. Of course, these things are all inter-related. And guns don’t kill people. People kill people. We’ve heard that one before. There’s an element of truth.

Of course, we don’t want the people who are mentally unstable to get the guns in the first place either, but that’s… You’re right though. The other thing is… when we were kids we ate really, really close to the earth. And we didn’t have this Roundup and so in spite of the vaccines we weren’t getting that glyphosate effect and whatever other crap is in Roundup. I mean…

So it’s literally killing people. And I do think that’s the major disease. I was talking to Joshua Cooper Ramo who wrote this book called “The Seventh Sense.” And he was saying that the disease of the 21st century is insanity. And when I heard that I was thinking, “Well that’s accurate,” but I was thinking it was probably because or most likely associated with just the massive distraction and cultural chatter. And inability to really find any silence or ground yourself, right?

But it’s probably that as well as what you’re talking about. Or these 2 are kind of like…

Dr Pompa: It’s a perfect storm, Mark, right? I mean, it is. Come on let’s face it. I think that

It’s part of it, like you said. I think that all of it put together is why we are where we are. I do.

I see it as being the downfall. And I guess that’s one of the things that motivates me. I know that if I can clear kid’s brains, you know? We’re going to create a different world and a different paradigm and I feel if we don’t do that, it doesn’t… we’re just going to keep heading down this route to where? To absolute destruction.

So yeah. Do I have hope? I do. That’s why I do what I do. But am I absolutely… do I absolutely feel that as a country we’re heading down the wrong road rapidly? Absolutely.

Mark: Yeah, yeah.

There’s so much going on with AI and technology. Are there any medical AI supported solutions that might help us haul ourselves out of this mess by our bootstraps in the next 5, 10 years?

Dr Pompa: Yeah, you know, I mean I think that when we look at increases in technology we can, of course, talk about the bad part of them. But I think that… I sure in my field have utilized technology as parts of the answer. From testing. Even testing the microbiome. There’s a test right now called Viome. Which we’re able to look at the RNA and look at the gut and the disruption of bacteria. And we’re coming up with more answers on how to fix it.

Because, you have to understand… let me paint a picture here. If you imagine a 3-legged stool, we all have the analogy that goes with the 3-legged stool. You know all 3 legs need to be there for it to stand up. If you understand why people are getting sick. Think about these 3 legs. You have certain genes that get turned on. And we’re getting better technology to even understanding genetics and what’s happened. We used to think if you just… if you’re mom had diabetes, you had it or got it. Cause of her.

Well we know it’s not true. We know that very few diseases are pure genetic diseases. Most of it is epigenetic–where it’s triggered or turned on. And technology is showing now we can actually turn these genes off. But very few doctors are doing it. Its part of what I teach.

So that’s one leg of the tool. Certain genes are getting turned on and we need to turn them off. So herein lies the solution, herein lies the cause.

Another leg of the stool are the stressors that we’ve been talking about that turn on those genes. We have to remove them. And that’s where my cellular detox really is all about.

but there’s physical and emotional stressors too. I mean, no doubt. That can turn on those genes. But if we remove the stressors, do the things that we know turn off the genes, now we’re getting somewhere.

And then the 3rd leg of the stool is this disruption of the microbiome or bacteria that starts at birth. And again, it’s getting worse and worse. And this microbiome creates “leaky gut,” which simply means undigested proteins and toxins are crossing over your gut into your bloodstream driving all these allergies. Autoimmune. I mean your body to attack itself.

So we know that part of what we’re teaching is we have to fix the microbiome. We have to remove the stressors. And we have to turn off the gene.

So that 3-legged stool analogy is kind of how my multi-therapeutic approach that I teach actually… where that came from.

But technology plays a big role in how we’re doing all of it.

The Process of Cellular Detox


Mark: So we only have a few minutes left but… and I know this information is all at your website. But again, walk me through… I’ve gotten my fillings removed, and I’m super-motivated now to detox. And you said it’s a multi-year process… which is an eye-opener for me. Because I was thinking, “I wanna do this.” but now I’m thinking, “Okay, this is a big commitment.”

What’s the process look like and what am I in for?

Dr Pompa: yeah, so the process… we do a prep phase where we do give some of these things that up-regulate the cell. And then we do give some things to open up the downstream detox pathways.

And then we move into what we call “body phase” where now we actually up-regulate something in the cell called glutathione, which helps move toxins out. Then we start using those true binders that I mentioned. One called cytodetox, which kind of brings the cells… or it brings the toxins from the cell all the way to the gut. So, you know, that’s a process.

And then we move into a brain phase. Where we use fat soluble binders that have the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier.

So it’s kind of step-by-step. And it’s a process that… this is… our goal is always to teach the person so they can do it long enough to matter. But when you go to my website, I do a podcast called “Cellular Healing TV.” I interview experts as well, like you do. From all over the world and all over different types of health issues. I mean, you name it…

But I think if you start watching those shows you’ll gather a lot of information on what we’re doing to fix these types of conditions.

And as you mentioned, part of my process is fasting. Even block fasting. You’ll see people there that have fasted many, many days on just water. Even broth fast. Water fast. Something called whey water fasting. We intermittent fast them. And so a lot of this is all put together.

As a matter of fact, how we fix the microbiome–that 3rd leg of the stool that |I mentioned–we use these ancient healing strategies of fasting to do it. So all of it together… start watching the episodes. You know, here’s the thing… I know everyone listening wants that simple thing. “Take this one thing,” right? You know, I would be a phony…

Mark: You’re going to speak at the Bulletproof Conference. That’s like the Holy Grail of quick fixes, you know. So you’re going to get the question, “What can I do tomorrow?”

Maybe fasting is probably the answer. Start fasting.

Dr Pompa: Yeah, exactly. Fasting’s amazing. Because fasting relies on the innate intelligence of the body, you know? To do what it needs to do. And it’s the safest form–believe it or not–of cleansing or detoxing. The body will do… it won’t do over what it should do or won’t do under. It just kinda knows what to do, and I’m a big believer. And I’ve done many podcasts on fasting. So big believer in fasting.

Mark: Okay, so let me see if I can summarize: So fasting is definitely something we want to do right away. And, of course, learning how to do that I would recommend people go check out your website to learn different types of fast. Intermittent fast meaning where I try not to eat anything between 7 PM and like, 10 AM the next day. And I also… the first thing I eat after that is my Ample which has a copious supply of pre- and pro-biotics. Which I’m hoping and assuming… and I certainly seem to experience a good effect on my biome.

Okay, so that’s intermittent fasting and then would you recommend one 24 or 48 hour period a month?

Dr Pompa: Yeah, I actually wrote an article called “Diet Variation.” And it talks about why I believe it’s really important to vary our diet seasonally and even weekly. So let me give you an example of that to answer your question. So we like to force the body into adaptation. |Just like exercise, right? Your body adapts, you get stronger. So we don’t… we’ll put someone in ketosis so to speak, where you get carbohydrates under a certain amount to where it forces the cell to burn fat as an energy source. And then it makes ketones. And the brain uses ketones.

Many of your listeners I’m sure, know what that is. Some do, some don’t. I’ve done shows on it, and so have you I’m sure.

But, here’s the thing. So we put them in this low-carb place to force their cells to use fat as an energy source. But once or twice a week we throw high-carbs at it, to remind the body it’s not starving. Because if you restrict your calories or your carbohydrates too long the body will think it’s starving and then you’ll actually start to gain fat and lose muscle.

So then what we like to do is we like to throw one or two days a week where we only eat one time. So we fast 23, 24 hours.

So… and I do it all the time. I did it yesterday. I just ate one meal. But on the weekend, I ate far more. I feasted. So my diet variation I call feast-famine cycling. We know that it forces adaptation. And it works so we can get people who were not able to lose weight, even on the most strict diet. All of a sudden they start doing these feast-famine cycles, now all of a sudden, “boom.” They start losing weight again.

And there are multiple reasons that I talk about why and what it does and how it changes the genes and the epigenome, etc. But that’s a whole ‘nother show Mark. We gotta do another show.

Mark: Yeah, no kidding. That’s fascinating. Feast-famine cycling. That sounds… I love the famine, I love the cycling. I’ve been talking about that for a while. Even though I don’t really focus on nutrition, it always comes up with my clients.

Dr Pompa: Joe Mercola is a friend of mine. And I was one of the reviewers of his new book called “Fat for fuel.” And I helped write a part of chapter 10, which I talked about feast-famine cycling in his book. And readers can pick it up.

But I thought Joe did a great job in it. There’s probably 8 of us that peer reviewed the book…

Mark: Well feasting and famine what we’re really talking about is inducing ketogenesis, am I right? Cause that’s the way I’ve understood it. You feast on high protein, high fat. And then you go through a deficit with the intermittent fasting. And then you’re basically going to send your body into a ketogenic state. For at least a period of time.

Dr Pompa: Yeah, so, ketosis. You really should be moderate protein. Because too much protein’s not good either. It elevates something called mTOR which ages your body very quickly actually. Can drive inflammation.

But so it’s moderate protein. High fat. Low carbohydrates. And then you’ll force your cells to burn fat as a major energy source. And then your brain can’t use fat. So it burns fat and makes something called ketones and then the brain uses them.

So when we put someone in that state, now when they’re not eating in an intermittent fast. So I haven’t eaten today. It’s 3 o’clock my time and I haven’t eaten one meal today. Now, what have I been eating? I’ve been eating my fat as an energy source. Making ketones, which my brain loves. So my busy days, I try to eat much less. Now look, we know if you want to live longer… we know that every study shows the only thing that really works is eating less. So people think this, that you eat half your plate and push the other half away. No ancient culture on the planet does that. So how do they eat less? They eat less by eating less often.

And that’s the principle of my new book. Don’t eat less, eat less often. And that’s the key. So at the end of the day, we eat less. But we’re doing it by eating less often. So we carry out a fast through the night, through the morning–and by the way, you could eat in the morning and then fast the other way too–whatever works for your schedule. But we eat at an eating window. So typically I’m eating in a 4 to 6 hour eating window. And that’s where I ingest my food. And I don’t eat anywhere outside of that.

And something else amazing happens called autophagy, meaning that during that fast–whether it’s 18, 16 hours–your body’s eating the bad cells. It’s getting rid of the bad stuff. And it’s amazing what happens to people’s health.

So this fasting, and these fasting strategies, with the cellular detox. With everything that we’re doing. That’s what I call my multi-therapy approach and it works. It works for healthy people to become healthier. It works for sick people to become well.

Summing up


Mark: Mm-hmm. Fantastic. Wow.

You know, I’m going to have to get a transcript of this and study it. This is really interesting stuff. So fasting, intermittent fasting. Eat less. Eat high fat, moderate protein and low-carbs, I love that.

Constantly vary your diet. That makes a lot of sense. Get your silver fillings removed, and stay away from anything that’s GMO, especially corn.

Dr Pompa: Man, you gotta lot of good things out of this. And fix the cell and get well. Detox the cell.

Mark: (laughing) Everything else, you gotta go to to learn, cause I’m pretty much tapped out. My brain hurts. But it’s probably cause I got too much mercury in it. Certainly not from this conversation.

Dr Pompa: but you’re not mad as a hatter, so thank God.

Mark: (laughing) definitely not as mad as a hatter yet. I’m going to pay close attention to this and I’m going to get those fillings removed and I’m going to start digging in. this has been very, very interesting.

Super-appreciate your time. I know everyone listening is just… literally jaws are dropping and it’s not from the weight of the silver in their fillings. So super-stoked for the work you’re doing.

I look forward to meeting you in person. I won’t be at the Bulletproof conference, but say hi to Dave for me and all my other buddies there.

And, wow, I do think we should have a follow-up. Or I don’t know. This seems to be such an important issue that I can’t imagine this…

Dr Pompa: Let’s do a follow up. I’ll commit to that. So cause I fully understand that I opened up a lot of cans, and so let’s close some of those lids. (laughing)

Mark: All right, so what’s the title of your new book gonna be? Do you have a title yet?

Dr Pompa: yeah, you’d think I would know, but I mean… it may be “Fix the Cell to Get Well.” I think it probably will be the title.

But they say you should never title your own book. Ever, ever, ever. So if they tell me that’s not the title, I’ll go “Okay.”

Mark: and when do you think you’ll have that out on the market?

Dr Pompa: Honestly, we’re trying for January. So hopefully…

Mark: All right, so Check out the book. If you can’t wait until January, then he’s also got a book called “The Cellular Healing Diet,” out there. But it sounds like you got a ton of content at your website. And also services, so…

This is an important one folks. Don’t blow it off. And there’s no hack. I think this is going to require not only all of us to get on board with it and get our kids on board. But also to educate our clients and our friends. So we don’t go crazy.

Cause my wife’s father… my father-in-law is dealing with not Alzheimer’s but Parkinson’s. And I’ve always thought, “My gosh, it’s just diet. It’s just fueling. There’s something that he’s done in his life.”

But now I realize that he probably couldn’t have eaten any better. It really is almost out of our control, because these are environmental and cultural things that we’ve been dealing with and so…

The good news is, what we’re learning from you, Dr. Pompa, is there is a solution. That you’ve gotta take control. You can’t have someone else do it for you, right?

Dr Pompa: That’s right, man. Absolutely.

Mark: gotta do the work. Awesome.

All right, hang on Dr. Pompa. I need you to keep your computer running so the Zencast can upload its thing. And I look forward to meeting you in person, and I know that everyone who’s listening to this super-appreciates your work and your time today, and look forward to your book coming out. And everything else.

Dr Pompa: Thank you very much.

Mark: All right. Hooyah.

All right, folks. You heard it. Dr. Daniel Pompa. that was one of the more fascinating… I guess I’m taking this really personally. Cause I know that I’ve had these frickin’ fillings in my mouth for years. And I’ve got mercury on my brain, just like you do. And we gotta take care of that. Wow.

And until we do, stay away from the gun cabinet, for God’s sakes. Okay, so I’m just joking there. Cause that’s a serious issue. But I’m with him. Our culture is spiraling out of control, and largely it’s because of a lot of unwise practices fostered on us. Unwittingly, I might add. By folks like Monsanto and our own government.

It’s not like there was a major conspiracy. These people just didn’t have a clue. And now we do. And it’s largely through the work of guys like Dr. Pompa and Stephanie Seneff and these others.

So let’s get on board and support the effort, because if not us, who? Right? Who? Who’s going to do it? And I’m not comfortable just sitting back and watching things spiral out of control. So I’m going to do my part and I want you to as well. That’s what it means to be part of the Unbeatable Mind tribe. So thank you for your work. Self-mastery in service to others and humanity.

So Hooyah.

Do the work. Support Dr. Pompa, and let’s get on the detox plan. Begin our fasting and don’t eat GMO. Get those silver fillings removed and get on board with ketosis and variable feast-famine cycling diet.

Dr. Pompa: and thanks for your service.

Mark: Hooyah. Thank you, Dr. Pompa. You rock. And hopefully we’ll meet you soon.

Dr. Pompa: Absolutely.

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