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How to Break Free – with Bizzie Gold

By November 7, 2019 No Comments

“Your brain then decides this is a rule. And it thinks it’s trying to keep you safe. And really all it’s doing is trying to prevent yourself from getting into the pain or into the suffering.” – Bizzie Gold

Bizzie Gold (bizziegold) is a leader in the personal development and wellness field. Her past clients include Julia Roberts and Jennifer Love Hewitt, among others. She’s also the founder and developer of Buti Yoga, which focuses on making yoga about both movement and self-development. From the Spartan World Championships in Lake Tahoe, Commander Divine talks to her about her BREAK method of psychotherapy and her Buti Yoga practice and business.

Listen now to discover how to understand your past and make it work for you

As you guys know, Mark has been using Halo Sport for the last year and half and he has loved it. Halo Neuroscience revolutionized human performance when it debuted Halo Sport in 2016, the first brain stimulator that accelerates muscle memory development. Halo Sport is now trusted by teams and athletes from the U.S. military, Olympics, MLB, NBA, NFL, NCAA, and more.

Well they just launched Halo Sport 2 – a fully upgraded Halo Sport at a lower price making this revolutionary technology more accessible to all. It’s fully wireless and has excellent sound quality. It also has an upgraded app with new stimulation data and tracking.

It makes neurostimulation accessible for all with its price point in line with other headphones at $279 and available to pre-order now.

Just go to and use code DIVINE and get the discount. Using DIVINE will ensure you get the lowest price available.

Dr. Parsley’s sleep remedy was designed to help Navy SEALs to overcome some of the sleep challenges that they have as hard-charging individuals. Doc Parsley believes that proper sleep and recovery is absolutely essential to maintain our ability to perform at a high level. His sleep “cocktail” includes a number of supplements to provide our bodies with chemicals naturally produced by the brain to encourage sleep. Commander Divine is a huge fan and encourages members his tribe to try it out for themselves. Enter “unbeatablemind” at the checkout on  to get 10% off.

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