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Best of 2020: Daron K Roberts

By December 24, 2020 No Comments

For the week of Christmas, we’ll be airing our best episodes of 2020 a second time. We start with new episodes again on the 30th with a solo episode from Mark. In the meantime, enjoy and have a Merry Christmas.

Daron K. Roberts was a graduate of Harvard Law School turned Football coach. He is a motivational speaker, transition coach and the author of “Call an Audible: Let My Pivot from Harvard Law to NFL Coach Inspire Your Transition.” He hosts the podcast “A Tribe Called Yes” and today he talks with Commander Divine about how to make your own pivot to change your life.

Hear how:

  • Daron planned his next life transition from Harvard Law grad to Football Coach.
  • It’s vital that you minimize your social media time and involvement.
  • You must determine if you’ll actually be happy at an event before you decide to say yes.
  • Transition tools you need to succeed

Hear this inspirational story of how one man was able to make an exceptional pivot from one life to another.

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