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Best of 2017: Jimmy Chin

By December 29, 2017 January 24th, 2018 No Comments
For Christmas week, we’ll be re-airing the best episodes of 2017. Today we present Mark’s interview with Jimmy Chin. In the new year, we’ll be starting with new episodes again. In the meantime, enjoy and have a Merry Christmas!

“It’s managing the risks, and how do you do that without having a lot of experience? I think it’s what you said, it’s a lot of working on the foundations and building blocks and paying your dues.”–Jimmy Chin

Jimmy Chin

One of the world’s greatest adventure and award winning photographers Jimmy Chin (@jimkchin) talks to Commander Divine for his 100th episode!  Jimmy has had a very interesting path to his adventures in climbing and in film-making. He has crossed the Chang Tang Peninsula of northwestern Tibet on foot and skied from the summit of Everest. He also claimed the first ascent of the central pillar of Mt. Meru in India, known as “The Shark’s Fin,” which is the subject of his latest and critically-acclaimed film “Meru” co-directed with his wife.  Find out his stories as he captures athletes and adventurers who are pushing the absolute limits.


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