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How To Boost Your Performance With Better Sleep with Doctor Kirk Parsley

By October 9, 2019 One Comment

“People’s performance just decrease, decrease, decrease over the course of their life and they don’t recognize it. Everybody does worse on less sleep. Every single person on the planet.” – Doctor Kirk Parsley

The SEALFIT Kokoro camp grew out of Mark’s training for SEAL candidates. In 2007, the SEALFIT program was developed, but since then, many people have wanted to experience the Hell Week simulation. The philosophy behind it is that you should bring the challenge to yourself, before the challenge comes to you anyway. You have the choice of the full, 50-hour Kokoro camp, the 24-hour 20XL version, or the 12-hour 20X. No matter what, these programs will show you that you are capable of 20 times more than you thought you were. Find out more at

Mark talks to his good friend Doctor Parsley (@docparsley) about the importance and physiology of sleep. Kirk Parsley is a former Navy SEAL, a doctor, author and entrepreneur. His book is called “Sleep to Win: How Navy SEALs and Other High Performers Stay on Top”.  Kirk also produces the Sleep Remedy, a mixture of supplements to help your body sleep properly.

Listen to this podcast to find out:

  • Why we often undervalue sleep, especially in the high performance community (HINT: Sleeping too little is often seen as a sign of toughness!)
  • How to stop being “woken up” by things that take up your attention
  • Why we should be teaching kids about sleep and their sleep needs
  • Why proper rest is so important to achieving peak performance

As you guys know, Mark has been using Halo Sport for the last year and half and he has loved it. Halo Neuroscience revolutionized human performance when it debuted Halo Sport in 2016, the first brain stimulator that accelerates muscle memory development. Halo Sport is now trusted by teams and athletes from the U.S. military, Olympics, MLB, NBA, NFL, NCAA, and more.

Well they just launched Halo Sport 2 – a fully upgraded Halo Sport at a lower price making this revolutionary technology more accessible to all. It’s fully wireless and has excellent sound quality. It also has an upgraded app with new stimulation data and tracking.

It makes neurostimulation accessible for all with its price point in line with other headphones at $299 and available to pre-order now.

Just go to and use code DIVINE and get an additional discount. Using DIVINE will ensure you get the lowest price available.

The product will ship in June so go now to Code DIVINE

Dr. Parsley’s sleep remedy was designed to help Navy SEALs to overcome some of the sleep challenges that they have as hard-charging individuals. Doc Parsley believes that proper sleep and recovery is absolutely essential to maintain our ability to perform at a high level. His sleep “cocktail” includes a number of supplements to provide our bodies with chemicals naturally produced by the brain to encourage sleep. Commander Divine is a huge fan and encourages members his tribe to try it out for themselves. Enter “unbeatablemind” at the checkout on  to get 10% off.

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  • Ron Gellis says:

    Great discussion. I am 71 and have had a shortened sleep cycle since my 20’s 4-6 hours max. I will get & try the cocktail but would also like to try for the patients at the substance abuse rehab I am the clinical director of.

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