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Jamie Wheal talks about getting to a flow state

By January 9, 2019 No Comments

“We don’t have to wait for someone to stumble or bumble into it, and go ‘Oh my gosh, I’m in this magical, ineffable place. Lightning struck.’ This was like, ‘How do we build a Tesla coil and make lightning strike on demand.’” – Jamie Wheal

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Dr. Parsley’s sleep remedy was designed to help Navy SEALs to overcome some of the sleep challenges that they have as hard-charging individuals. Doc Parsley believes that proper sleep and recovery is absolutely essential to maintain our ability to perform at a high level. His sleep “cocktail” includes a number of supplements to provide our bodies with chemicals naturally produced by the brain to encourage sleep. Commander Divine is a huge fan and encourages members his tribe to try it out for themselves. Enter “unbeatablemind” at the checkout on to get 10% off.

Jamie Wheal (#jamiewheal) is an expert on the flow state, is the Executive Director of the Flow Genome Project and a leading expert on the neuro-physiology of human performance. He has also consulted with the military, Red Bull and professional sports teams, as well as Google and other companies. With Stephen Kotler, he co-authored the book “Stealing Fire:  How Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALs, and Maverick Scientists Are Revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work.” Today he talks with Mark about achieving peak performance and flow state.

Learn how:

  • Aikido is one of the best martial arts for both philosophy and enlightenment
  • There is a difference between “symptomatic” – or “hacked” flow – and “causal” flow, which is a product of work
  • Flow is a process of neurobiology and neurochemistry

Hear how Jamie and the Flow Genome Project are working to make the flow state clear and accessible for all of us, so that we can all find a way to work at our peak abilities.

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