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Book Review of KOKORO Yoga

By April 20, 2016 July 6th, 2016 One Comment

KOKORO YOGA. Maximize Your Human Potential and Develop the Spirit of a Warrior. Mark Divine. With Catherine Divine. Forward by Gary Kraftsow. St. Martin’s Press.

Readers should note that the workout program outlined in this book is recommended only for those who demonstrate an optimal level of physical fitness (it is certainly not appropriate for someone with my level of physical fitness, nor will it be appropriate to the level of those just starting to integrate an exercise regimen into a weight loss program during middle age). Nonetheless, I decided to spotlight this title in the resource section of this article because of the message it conveys – that being: when a balance between mind, spirit and body is achieved, the individual reaches a true acceptance of self that provides both peace and serenity. In Kokoro Yoga, Divine (a former Naval Seal) presents an in depth exploration of a physical training curriculum meant to test both the mental and physical attributes of the participant. Even though the program was originally designed for special operations soldiers, Divine artfully shows how it can be adapted to those outside the military. Topics of coverage include how to get the best full-body workout through body-weight training; how to increase flexibility while building lean muscle mass; and how to fulfill your spiritual needs via physical and mental toughness. Even if you’re not yet fit enough to partake in the exercises, much can still be gained from Divine’s counsel

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