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Commander Divine on Mapping Your Five Plateaus

By May 21, 2021 No Comments

Today Mark talks about the five developmental plateaus for you to traverse on your hero’s journey as a leader. Listen in as Mark explains all Five Plateaus and how our overall goal is to reach the Fifth Plateau—so we can become fully connected and inclusive.

Hear about the Five Plateaus:

  1. Survivor – Instinctual and very centered on the individual
  2. Protector – Extends concern to a tribe or small group—both egocentric and ethnocentric
  3. Achiever – Ambition and drive for success
  4. Equalizer – Ethnocentrism and some world-centrism
  5. Integrator – Fully world-centric

Listen to this episode to gain insight on where you are in the five developmental plateaus so you can further reach your leadership potential.


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