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Charlie Engle and the mindset behind extreme endurance running and beating addiction

By November 21, 2018 2 Comments

“And if I don’t figure out for myself, like now, what I’m going to do about this, then, you know, I’m not going to have to worry about it.”- Charlie Engle

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Charlie Engle (@CHARLIEENGLE)is a world renowned ultra marathon runner who has endured some of the worlds most punishing long-distance foot races including his run across the Sahara Desert, documented in the film “Running the Sahara.” He is also a speaker and the author of the memoir called “Running Man.” In this wide-ranging discussion, he and the Commander talk about the personal difficulties with addiction that led to his career in running.

Find out:

  • How addiction manifests in different ways and doesn’t always have to be negative
  • At first, Charlie’s running was an attempt to “beat” the addict out of himself
  • About how Charlie became a kind of fitness coach for prison inmates

Listen to this episode to gain insight into the running lifestyle and how to be able to go to extremes to accomplish a task.

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  • James T. Horn says:

    What an awesome story!!! My favorite

  • An excellent discussion by Commander Mark Divine in a one-to-one interview with Mr. Charlie Engle. Many refresher points honed in from UMA, SEALFIT and Kokoro. Emphasis on teamwork and making sure to reach out, especially to help “the slowest boat in the convoy” to grow the business or ensure the success of the mission in exponential proportions.

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