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Team Toughness Wins the Day

By November 11, 2021 No Comments

Today, Commander Divine talks to Commander Hiner about their shared experiences, the impact of stress, teamwork and how leading in a time of stress changes your leadership style. 

Lieutenant Commander Ed Hiner (@edhiner) was a Training and Readiness Officer in charge of basic and advanced combat training for Seal Teams, Ed designed the most elite organization on earth. On this episode, Commander Mark Divine and Commander Ed Hiner talk about the ways SEAL training and active duty have shaped them and how their skills translate to entrepreneurial ventures, as well as philanthropy. Ed discusses why Team toughness wins the day and the importance of creating a space where everyone is involved, feels ownership of the process and from that a shared vision is formed. He discusses how a collective/shared vision decreases anxiety. Ed also talks about how fear can be a motivator and how important it is to eradicate the debilitating effects of fear. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Team toughness wins the day.
  • Fear can be a motivator, and rumination is the enemy of action. 
  • Getting back to basics often helps even the most complex situations.
  • Break your relationship with excuses and create accountability. 

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