Steve is a trusted leader who motivates, mentors, and empowers teams and others to be their best—with over 25 years of experience in Special Operations as a Navy SEAL, Sponsored Adventure Athlete, and High-Risk Security Specialist. He has excellent communication skills and is adept in fast-paced, rapidly changing environments. He is a highly personable and empathetic leader who gains trust quickly with impeccable values and integrity. He enjoys simplifying complex problems and is passionate about assisting others on their personal journey to self-mastery. 

While serving in Iraq in 2004, Steve sustained a devastating gunshot injury that almost took his right leg while driving a vehicle in hostile territory. Due to the nature of the injury, he had to stop the bleeding with his own tourniquet and provide pain relief in order to get out of the danger area while his teammate took over the wheel without stopping the vehicle. During his recovery, doctors told him he would never run again and would walk with a noticeable limp.

He refused to accept these terms of limitation and started his own personal journey to self-mastery—with a long commitment to physical training and mindfulness. Steve later ran a 5:30 mile and has competed in over 20 arduous personal challenges. 


  • 10 years as a Navy SEAL (active-duty and reserves)
  • 3 years traveling the world competing as a sponsored adventure racer; completing Eco-Challenge 2000 (Borneo, Malaysia) and 2001 (Queenstown, New Zealand)
  • 10 years in the Navy Special Operations coaching program
  • 5 years providing high-risk executive protection in a combat zone and training former special operations in weapons, high-speed driving, and personal protection: clients include the former President of Afghanistan (Hamid Karzi) and Fortune 500 companies
  • 2 years consulting for insurance companies; creating highly effective teams with sustainable outcomes—providing thought leadership on teamwork, management, and strategy

Steve also works part-time for a non-profit disaster relief organization made up of highly skilled, committed, and professional team members who provide specialized disaster relief and humanitarian assistance around the world. His team has responded to help communities impacted by hurricanes in North America and the Caribbean, cyclones and volcanic eruptions in the South Pacific, the 2016 earthquake in Ecuador, and the 2018 wildfires in California.