Endlessly devoted to applying creative energy to visually exploring what it means to live a life infused with the ultimate human experience, free from the excess static of modern society.

What does it mean to be human, why does it matter, and how do we get there?

Savannah is an artist, athlete, CFL1 trainer, lifestyle design coach, photographer, writer, and Paleo chef. She’s completed 6 Milruck events, with the goal to be the first female to complete the 48 hour Gold event in Sweden.

In summary, as she likes to call it – a multi-dimensional being. Life is far too short to be lived along a two dimensional plane.

In 2019, she began her journey as an Unbeatable Mind coach after completing her first 12-hour Milruck event. Pushing her limits with a like-minded team through a very cold Swedish winter night opened her eyes to how much-untapped potential we all have as humans.

Beginning with a CrossFit coaching certification following a decade in the creative industry, her interest immediately shifted to a curiosity in how to apply strength and discipline to the other areas of life, after the Physical foundation is laid. Sure, you can squat. But how does the rest of your life fill you up? As of now, she is the first and only Unbeatable Mind Coach in Scandinavia, operating out of Stockholm, Sweden.

As an American living in Sweden, Savannah specializes in weaving together different cultures and uncovering the societal limitations that define the limitations in our lives.

Moving to Sweden, Savannah dreamed of a romanticized ideal version of democratic socialism – a society who is devoted to striving toward self-actualization with a willingness to take risks, when there is a solid safety net to catch you when you fall. Instead, she has been studying the reality that is a culture where “lagom” and Jante’s Law encourages people to fit in with the rest of society, and to ask for nothing more than just enough. To counter complacency, she works to create a safe environment for high-performers to strive for greatness and achieve at levels far above the expectations of society.

When she’s not holding space for others to tap into their human potential, you might find her hiking in the woods or building brands devoted to human performance as a one-woman creative agency. She’s actively working with Rekyl and other veteran-owned brands to bridge the gap between Swedish Veterans and civilian life, to bring awareness to difficult topics such as PTSD, and show that warrior-like toughness is attainable for the average person.

Someone out there is living the life of  your wildest dreams. Why aren’t you?