In my careers as a management consultant and then a fitness coach and gym owner, I have realized the common thread that ties my professional life together is a passion for helping people see the change they need to make, and then guiding them on that journey of self-discovery and actualization. I love it when my clients can create their vision of success, and then go get it!

After a couple years of trying every class imaginable in college, I won a Navy ROTC scholarship with the vision of becoming a SEAL. Eventually a heart murmur disqualified me from training. I felt dejected, but continuing to train at an elite level kept me close to that community, and I found SEALFIT training to be just what I was looking for! Through SEALFIT I delved deeper into the mental side of training, and eventually took the plunge with the Unbeatable Mind Foundations Course. Over the years I kept coming back to the Course as a way to reground myself when I felt misaligned, and began to solidify my purpose.

My PURPOSE is to master myself daily through learning and tough challenges, so that I can serve others as a warrior-teacher. 

I continue to train with Unbeatable Mind principles daily, so that I can develop myself into the warrior, teacher – and role model for my two kids – that I aspire to be. 

In addition to my certification as an Unbeatable Mind Coach, my education and experience that I draw on to help my clients are a bachelor’s degree in Management Science and Information Systems from Penn State, a CrossFit Level 3 Trainer certification, and hard-won lessons from graduating SEALFIT Kokoro Class 41. Hooyah!