My Purpose and Passion for my “ One Thing Mission” is to help Veterans, First Responders and Families challenged with Trauma, Addiction and Co-occurring Disorders through the Integrated Recovery Foundation (IRF). I earned an MA in Child Psychology and another in School Psychology from Columbia University and my PhD. In Clinical Psychology from Florida Institute of Technology.

After completion of my doctorate, I was commissioned into the Navy as a Clinical Psychologist. While serving in the Navy as a Clinical Psychologist shortly after the Vietnam War, I dealt with the trauma of that war before PTSD was a formal diagnosis as well as being part of the front line of clinicians who dealt with the relationship between Trauma and Addiction.

I am presently the CEO and Clinical Director of Integrated Recovery Foundation. We provide live and virtual mental health services at the Tierney Center for Veterans Services in Orange County. I am the Chair of the Faith-Based Working Group for the Orange County Veterans and Military Families Collaborative. I am a Vetted Christian Psychologist at Saddleback Church and also embrace the tools of Unbeatable Mind as an exemplary platform of “Mindfulness” in establishing wellness and healing.

No matter what your worldview or your ailments, Unbeatable Mind is Unbeatable in the healing process, either as an adjunct or stand-alone implement. That is why I became an Unbeatable Mind Coach.

I have played Div. 1 soccer, run 20 marathons (countless shorter distances) covering a 4 decade period, am a CrossFit Level 2 coach and competed at the World CrossFit Games three times. I have also been an underwater dive instructor for over 20 years as well as an avid underwater photographer.

I am married, have a son (retired Navy), and a daughter in Heaven.