“There are no real limitations to what you can be, have or do in life other than the ones you impose on yourself. Live Limitless.”

Rick is a Certified Unbeatable Mind Coach. Rick is also a successful Real Estate Agent with RE/MAX for 18 years. He owns a CrossFit Gym and is a Level One CrossFit Trainer. Rick served 10 years in the Canadian Army and 10 years with the Royal Canadian Airforce. Rick has accumulated over 2,500 flying hours as a Load Master on the C130 Hercules Aircraft. In his tenure in the Canadian Military, Rick has been on and led high performing teams in many diverse types of environments and operations ranging from the High Arctic to Equatorial Africa and has visited over forty countries during his time in service.

Rick strongly believes that fitness is key to good health and lives a highly active lifestyle. Rick has a passion for hard CrossFit workouts, has completed 5 Ultramarathons and numerous half marathon trail races. Rick also has 11 Spartan Races under his belt. Rick practices Kokoro Yoga and the Wim Hof method and loves back country camping and kayaking. Rick loves being out in nature and says it’s the most primal escape we can seek out to realign ourselves with our very humanity.

Rick is just as enthusiastic about personal growth and development in the Mental, Emotional, Intuitional and Kokoro Mountains as he is in the Physical Mountain. Rick has been on a quest for many years to find strategies and skills that unlock one’s full potential and this has led him to Unbeatable Mind. Rick passionately believes that the concepts and principles in Unbeatable Mind are a wake-up call to discover the wonders and amazing potential within us.

Rick lives in Trenton, Ontario Canada with his wife Gloria.