Learn faster, not harder.

Raphael Louis Vitón (Raff) is a certified Unbeatable Mind professional coach, global consultant, facilitator, author and professor who has learned that accelerating human potential is NOT a “black box.” UM provides an expert approach + lifestyle practices for whole-mind coaching that leads to exponential growth a lot sooner, with a lot less unnecessary suffering.

Raff’s purpose is to “ready himself and others to pursue a new master plan.” He supports a portfolio of multinational corporate leadership teams and coaches individual leaders. He facilitates in-person + virtual learning experiences to help strengthen the essential mindsets & muscles that increase team performance when responding to increased stress. He also advises, designs, and delivers enterprise culture transformation engagements.

Raff is a bilingual, first generation Cuban-American, former South American & Mexican expat; 25+ years as world-centric entrepreneur/innovation strategy consulting firm President & 7 years in corporate strategy/ops. He is affectionately known as the “MachoCubano from Chicago.”

“We’re always strengthening something…what do you want to grow stronger?” – Coach Raff