My passion and mission are to guide humanity to better health and happiness and reduce suffering. I believe that this can be accomplished through physical and mental training and trials. Supportive fueling, recovery, and self-care are at the heart of these efforts. Through the actions of Unbeatable Mind training and SEALFIT,  I have been witness to thousands of people doing just this, living better lives. Living lives of service, passion, and health aligned with each person’s unique offering.

I started my journey as the CEO of the first Crossfit equipment company, The Garage Gym Store. I had the extreme fortune to be positioned at the starting block of the Crossfit function fitness revolution while learning from the industry’s finest athletes, nutritionists, and trainers. For the past 12 years, I have trained and worked with many Navy SEALs, thought leaders, and top-performing executives. This experience has given me the unique mental and physical mentorship to help me assist others in this unique journey of an uncommon life.

I live my life to serve in the name of Functional Medicine, Nutrition, and the Unbeatable Mind Coaching program.

Some of my achievements are:

  • I hold a Masters in Functional Medicine and Nutrition from the University of The Western States and a BA in communication from Central Michigan University
  • Author of 6 weeks to Cleaner Eating.
  • Certified Unbeatable Mind Coach
  • KOKORO Yoga certified trainer
  • Level 1 and 2 certified Crossfit coach
  • 2017 and 2018 Boys and Girls Club, Carlsbad, California Parent of the Year.
  • Member of 2018 TEAM COURAGE which holds the World Record for Burpees in 24 hours
  • KOKORO 29 Graduate
  • SEALFIT Basic Training certification
  • Double certified in KT taping.
  • Nutritional Advisor for the Courage Foundation’s Integrated Recovery Program