Lee Saffold is a former Surface Warfare officer in the United States Navy. He lives in Suwanee, Georgia
and has worked for 17 years in a Critical Care Unit of the Northside Hospital Gwinnett in Lawrenceville,
Georgia. He is currently an instructor at the University of North Georgia. He is a graduate of Falkner
University in Montgomery, Alabama with an Associate Degree and has a BA degree in Theology from
Alabama Christian School of Religion. He has practiced Yang Family Taichi for 28 Years and has reached
the Eagle Rank in the Yang Family system. He has also practiced Shaolin Kung Fu and Qigong for 12
years. He is a lifelong Student of Chinese language and culture. His purpose is to master himself so that
he can be an instrument of peace that promotes and inspires the strength to live a strenuous, purpose
driven life of love, faith, courage, and joy. He is a certified Unbeatable Mind Coach to help guide others
to achieve their most treasured goals by aligning their actions with their purpose in life using the
incredible Unbeatable Mind system that was developed and taught by retired Navy SEAL, Commander
Mark Divine.