Are you ready?

I like to use that question as an icebreaker when people are starting out on something new. Not because there is a right or wrong answer but because more often than not people answer without truly thinking about what the answer means.

Honestly – I find it amazing that, depending on how you answer that question, those three words can change your life. It’s also equally amazing how those same three words can hold you back if you don’t fully understand what you are ready for.

As for me, there was a time I would have answered “yes” to that question without hesitation because I thought that was the safe answer. I was once where you are now – looking for direction on this journey in life. And yet, it wasn’t until I learned playing it safe never got me anywhere close to my purpose in life.
You see, through the years, I have run the gauntlet when it came to work- dabbling in several different fields; from lifeguarding to acting to a network engineer, I even enjoyed a few ‘job’ perks as a marketing rep for a beer company. Yet each time moving on to the next gig in search of fulfillment. What I was quickly learning was that I could take on and excel in any field, but no matter how long I kept my “stoke” in the fire, the flames quickly fizzled because what I was desperately ready for was whatever it was that would spark the fire within me.

Career wise- I found that one day when I decided to take a course on web coding. That first class led to another, which led to another and then ultimately a degree. Now here I am more than 12 years later building and designing websites, apps and systems and couldn’t be happier.

And yet as satisfying as it is to be able to wake up every day to a career I truly enjoy, something was still missing.

As you can imagine, I spend a majority of my day staring at a computer screen. There are days I can get so lost in coding I actually have to remind myself to take a break. And yet I can clearly remember the day I stumbled upon the ‘Unbeatable Mind’ podcast. I was hooked I was hungry. And I was ready for more. I read ‘The Unbeatable Mind’ and then ‘The Way of the S.E.A.L.’. After that, I defined my ‘Three P’s’ got rid of distractions and really started to fine tune my focus with ‘1 Thing’. I completed both the Foundation and the Coaching courses and now that our paths are crossing along our journeys I am hoping to help you do the same.

Finding joy in a purposeful life is such a freeing feeling and I think everyone should get to experience it. I would be honored and humbled to support you on your journey.

My mantra is “See the light in others, and treat them as if that is all you see.”

Because of that I will never force you, but I will push you. Push you to your potential and to your purpose. I am here to support you and hold you accountable.

So I am not going to ask you again, “Are you ready?” because I believe by you searching out this program, you have already answered that question.
You’ve got this, now let’s go.