“Be the change you want to see in the world.”  – Gandhi

I am passionate about leadership since I started my career in 1990. I was taken away by leaders that knew how to help individuals build competencies and strength, built teams that excelled and companies that thrived with ease and with a strong culture. My hobby was reading biographies of individuals who impacted the world like Gandhi, Mandela among others. I held several senior executive positions in different countries facing adversities and cultural challenges and supporting companies in making a turnaround. All of this helped me grow and develop until I wanted to be more, I wanted to inspire people.

In 2016, I took over a Logistics Company in Brazil in midst of a lot of economic and political turmoil. My desire to become the leader this company and its people deserved made me reach out to Mark Divines book The Way of the SEAL. My academic background brought me where I was at now, but I needed something more to succeed and more important, to impact people and the organization. I used a lot of Mark Divines Navy Seals techniques, enrolled into a Crossfit Gym to become not only physically but also mentally stronger (as this challenged every part of my being), installed a healthy daily routine (6 pillars and Big 4) and saw the results happening.

The next step was to dig deeper into several books of this nature until I finally enrolled in the Unbeatable Mind Coaching Program.

Studying and understanding the Unbeatable Mind Operating System was and still is a game changer for me in all areas of my life. Starting by the main principle of knowing myself (my shadows and how to “deal” with them). Living the Boat Crew Philosophy and using the strength of the tribe to continue the vertical development helped me become more people centric, curious, humble and most important, aware that growing yourself (body, mind and spirit) is an never ending drill in your life.

Every individual has a potential to challenge the status quo, take charge of his/her own life and develop mind and body to become unbeatable.

I am Brazilian, with Swiss and German parents, living in Sao Paulo/Brazil with my Husband, my Cats and Horses. In my spare time I read books, practice Show Jumping (Horses) and travel the world to learn more about different cultures and continue my path to self-mastery and growth.