There have been moments which left me struck in awe over the beauty of life itself, in all its facets. The magic of a pure and open eye contact. The striking beauty and perfection of untouched nature and the fascination of being a human being, experiencing a life full of ups and downs.

We are guessing if there is a life after death. We don’t know. But what’s for sure is that we have this life before death! And it might be the only one. So, every year, every day, every second is priceless. Every day might be our last and every past second might be gone forever.

The question is, how are we spending the time which has been given to us?

If we have this one chance, this one day, this one life. How are we using it?

I asked myself that question after graduating from school, full of doubt regarding the given path society laid out in front of me. I decided to go my own way. My own search for a purposeful life. A life worth living.

Since that, my personal evolution felt everything else than linear. I felt confused and lost many times. I crashed down and got up again. Learning and experiencing, soaking up things that felt important to me. My intuition told me that everything on this way was important and still I was unable to see the big picture.

With the Unbeatable Mind, finally everything I had done so far made sense. Now, looking back the last 13 years, all my experiences and detours looking now like a straight, well planned path to this moment.

Everything comes together. My desire for life and growth, my fascination for human beings and all I had learned in so many different educations and trainings. All my experience I’ve got working with people as a Coach, Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher and Mountain Leader. Also, my more uncommon experiences I’ve made on my way are now fitting into the big picture. From shamanism to training with the Shaolin, from apache scout initiations to ice bathing. Even Mountaineering, one of my biggest passions in which I got confronted with death several times, finale made sense.

All I am doing is towards feeling alive and evolve. It’s about being a better human, striving for excellence, connection, wholeness and a deeper purpose.

If I am looking at humanity and how we are spending our time on this planet, I believe that there is so much more possible than we all are actually living. Civil Unrest, Economic Crisis, Nature Pollution and a Crisis of meaning for many of us. In my opinion, we as a society, as species and most of us as individuals are living far below our potential. If we really want to keep this earth being the amazing place it is and craft a world we can proudly pass on to our successors, we need to move on. Seeing all the challenges we are currently facing in the World, we just have one option. To step up, taking the lead and evolve.

It’s my desire to help others to evolve and working together, creating a world everyone wants to live in. If I can assist you on your way, contact me at [email protected] .