Coach Joe was born and raised in Southern, CA had to overcome a lot to create his mindset now. Joe worked hard through difficult circumstances to get out of the city and into a full-ride scholarship to UNLV to play Division 1 football. At UNLV Joe immediately became a starting nose guard, and from there he went into arena football and lived out his pro football dream. Through his journey, Joe started to understand to achieve anything one must become a mental warrior.

Joseph started his “Personal Mastery” Coaching career in Los Angeles California in 2012 and has over 3300+ hours logged of coaching experience.

Joe found the Unbeatable Mind Program after listening to a podcast by Founder Mark Divine and knew it was the program that would support him in taking his life to the next level. Once in the program, Joe found the opportunity to become a licensed practitioner of the UM system and bring these amazing tools to the world. It is the Vertical and Horizontal development of the UM System that separates Unbeatable Mind from other coaching programs.

Joseph seems to understand the clients on an emotional level and creates an environment where only your best counts. Clients know it’s time to work when they step into his coaching sessions, but also know they are going to get intentional coaching for an hour.

Coach Joe’s Personal Transformation Journey:

Joe has been on his own transformation journey going from a 318lb defensive linemen to 214 pounds. He understands the request and the reward of each “client”  to take their lives to the next level.

Joe is an American Council On Exercise Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Trainer, Nutrition and Sports Nutrition Specialist, Functional Movement Specialist, and a Precision Nutrition Master Coach and the founder of Joseph Oniwor Coaching.

A huge advocate of holistic transformation (Fitness, Nutrition, and Mind) he understands that the commitment to becoming Unbeatable is preparing our clients to create the life of their dreams.. You will also hear him often concluding his sessions reminding clients that “You Matter and YOU are the answer you have been searching for.”

Joseph is married to an amazing woman Amanda and they are expecting their first baby.