Jim is a certified and licensed Unbeatable Mind coach with a background as an operations leader and coach who values people through teaching and mentorship, built on the foundation of continuous improvement principles and belief in people-centric approaches. Dedicated to simplification, leveraging appropriate technology, and building trust at all levels. Passionate about results through innovation and discipline, paired with an awareness of intrapersonal and interpersonal factors of influence. Technical expert leveraging 20+ years of operational experience and intuition to build integrated teams across all levels that are sensitive to risk and agile to change. Focused on organizational excellence through coaching, implementation, and building future leaders.

Jim is an international traveler with principles of curiosity, anti-fragility, and service, learning from and adopting best practices for a caring and targeted approach to success.  He uses discovery, development, and discipline to build a trusting relationship with individuals for leveraging the UM Operating system leading to powerful introspective.