“There is no passion to be found playing small—in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” —Nelson Mandela

I am a firm believer that one of the most important skills to thrive in life (and not just survive) is mental toughness and resilience. That is what enables us to deal with challenges and allow us to pursue our Passion and Purpose.

The Unbeatable system gives you the framework to develop mental toughness while taking it multiple steps beyond, helping you envision the life you want to have based on your Passion, Purpose and Principles and giving you tools to make it happen, becoming a better and more fulfilled person in the process.

My commitment to you as a client is that I will be there every step of the way, providing you the necessary support to implement the Unbeatable system, giving honest feedback, and keeping you accountable until you reach your goals.

As a quick background, I was born in Brazil but spent most of my adult life in the United States and now I am an American citizen. I have an MBA from University of Chicago Booth School of business and had the opportunity to work for large companies (Fortune 100) as well as start-ups in different markets and countries. In 2014 I quit my corporate job to support my wife’s career aspirations, and that started me on the path that led me to Unbeatable and to become an Unbeatable Coach.

I have lived in three countries and speak English, Portuguese, and Spanish. I have taught classes and had business deals in four continents, so I am very comfortable working with different cultures and points of view. Also, I have always been attracted to challenges as a tool for self-improvement, another cornerstone of the Unbeatable system.

Today I live in New Jersey with my wife and our two young boys and volunteer as an EMT at our town First Aid Squad.

Besides my professional and cultural background, these are some of the things I have done:

  • 4x Marathon finisher
  • 5x 70.3 Ironman finisher
  • 2x Ironman finisher
  • 1x L’Etape (Tour de France stage) finisher
  • 2x Solo motorcycle trip to Atacama Desert and Patagonia
  • 1x Solo cross country motorcycle trip in the US

If you are ready to embark in the sometimes difficult but always exciting journey that is becoming the best version of yourself, let’s chat and see if we are a good fit!

My email is [email protected]