David Chun is a USPTA Elite Tennis Professional, and a high performance coach. He is also a certified licensed Unbeatable Mind coach and he incorporates the UM system into his tennis coaching and personal life. Formerly, David proudly served in the United States Air Force.

David and his family live in a lush rainforest of the Oregon Cascade Mountains where they own and operate a riverside residential retreat sanctuary and 5 Mountain Training Dojo. They built this center to serve athletes, artists, military veterans, professionals, families, and groups who are focused on health, growth, high performance, creativity, and self-mastery in service to humanity.

“My purpose as a coach is to help my clients use the tools and practices of UM to cultivate a being state that allows them to grow across all 5 mountains—a being state that can enjoy the wins and learn from the losses, all while continuing to grow vertically on a path toward self-mastery.” -DC