Fulfillment of any goal is preceded by commitment and dedication

My passions are God, family, exercise, hard work, physical adventures, outdoors and helping others.

My principles are honesty, integrity and loyalty, mentoring and guiding others.

Growing up and living in the country in north Florida has no doubt helped form the things I am passionate about and root the principles that I have. Through UM training I have been able to discover my stand/why and a path to my purpose.

My Stand, “God, Love, Strength, happiness and helping others find those things.”

My purpose is constantly challenging myself to become the best husband, father, boss, teammate and coach I can be.

I am married to my best friend April, we have a son Justin and daughter Sandralee. I own a large commercial roofing company since 2006, specializing in roofs on military bases in the southeast.

In 2016, my wife gave me Mark’s book, “8 Weeks to Sealfit”. Other than my children this is the most valuable gift that she has given me. Not so much the book, but the lifestyle change that the Sealfit/Unbeatable Mind principles have taught me. This program is life changing. Since reading the book I have been to Sealfit Basic Leadership Academy 2017, UM Summit 2017, Sheepdog 2018, UM Summit 2018, UM Experience 2019, 20X 2019, Sheepdog 2019 and UM Coaching Program 2018-2019.

Real quick back story: My wife has always wanted to open a gym and I have not been 100% on board. In 2015 and 2016 I was on American Ninja Warrior. After that we talked about opening a ninja gym, then thanks to my wife, I found Sealfit/Unbeatable Mind. Through the training I discovered a lifestyle and purpose. Since discovering my purpose we are building the gym to be complete this year. In the gym we are going to teach, coach and help as many people with UM/Sealfit as possible. Maybe a little Ninja Warrior, too. I get so excited when I think about all the lives we are going to touch through UM and with the gym. Without UM, I would not have discovered my WHY and missed the opportunity help and serve others.

If you are passing through north Florida stop by and catch a workout.

As an Unbeatable Mind coach I would love the opportunity to coach and share the UM operating system with you. Let me help you live to your full potential on your way to discovering your purpose for being here.