Brett is a former professional hockey player and current Player Development Coach for an NHL organization. He facilitates all areas of player development including on-ice skills, video work, and the mental strength of NHL prospects. He has gained experience working closely with the Sport Science and Strength and Conditioning departments. Additionally, he serves as a scout for the organization, which requires keeping a close eye on the development and maturity of their players. With great satisfaction, he has watched many of his prospects breakthrough and grow into NHL stars.

Brett studied Kinesiology at the University of North Dakota where he also played hockey for the powerhouse Fighting Sioux. After his professional playing career, Brett completed SEALFIT Kokoro and GoRuck HTL and interned with the University of Iowa Strength and Conditioning program.

Brett started learning and training Unbeatable Mind in 2012, during his second year of professional hockey. He observed a massive need for this type of whole-person integrated training and found his passion for training and coaching, combined with his experience could benefit his players.

As a former athlete, Brett understands the importance of routine and teaches clients that small changes to their daily lives can have a huge impact on winning or losing. By using physical modalities to teach mental and emotional lessons and by refining self-awareness and personal balance, Brett aims to help his clients perform at their highest potential.

Brett has seen firsthand how those at the top of their game can be terribly unhappy despite the outside appearance of success. With this knowledge he looks for opportunities to help guide others to live for their purpose and find meaning, success, and fulfillment.

Brett lives in North Dakota with his wife, son, and daughter. On the weekends you’ll likely find him cross-country skiing with his wife, if he is not chasing his kids around. He is especially proud to say North Dakota’s subzero temperatures don’t keep him off his backyard ice rink or from shoveling fresh snow into his garage ice bath.