“I will use my skills and abilities along the lines of excellence and aligned with my passions for the development of self and others”

This is my stated purpose and I strive to live by it every day. I believe we have been blessed with skills across all five mountains and I honor those blessings by further developing them; I also encourage others to do the same as the journey goes on into infinitum.

Started my career in Civil Engineering and construction. Decided my calling was to work as a ski patroller at a destination resort. For the past 28 years, I have been able to live the dream in service to others on the ski slopes. During those years I studied high performance under stress and eventually found the Unbeatable Mind program. UM is a one-stop shop for intense self-development.

I believe I have a good feel for coaching folks in the five mountains as it relates to their passions. My passions were pretty diverse, yet I have found they all have the most important component in common; that is the mental component.

  • Outdoor sport – skiing, surfing, mountain biking
  • Technical rope and rescue, scent dog training (avalanche dogs)
  • Dance, coordinated and efficient movement
  • Defensive firearms techniques

As stated above the common element to all these endeavors is the mental component and mastering the UM skills will greatly assist you in taking your skillset to the next level and beyond. Hooyah!

Bert Pacal
[email protected]