The most incredible experience of my life has been and continues to be the journey to the self. My deep desire is to guide others during their own journey by sharing some of my life-transforming lessons.

I became certified as an Unbeatable Mind coach in May 2020 which was the culmination of a quest to find a purpose by serving others. Prior to this, my past experiences involve a 20-year foray into the finance world both as an employee and as an entrepreneur. I have also had the opportunity to broaden my horizons by participating as an investor in the fields of Real Estate and Private Equity with a focus in Europe and the USA. My most transformative emotional crucible had been battling against a corrupt government and the simultaneous sudden loss of loved ones. I was taught patience, determination, courage and that victory can be assured with a strong positive mind, truthfulness and the love of others around you.

Today with a strong passion for the mountains as well as the oceans, I devote a significant part of my private time mountaineering or under-water. Having the possibility to explore nature in an adventurous way is what drives my desire to assist in conservation work. As a founding member of the board of The Watermen Project ( a Swiss Non-Profit Organization, dedicated to ocean conservation through education and research, I am able to pursue that desire.

I am honored to be a part of the Unbeatable Mind roster of coaches and would be proud to help any person who may think that my experiences can be helpful for their own growth.