You have come far with your completion of the UNBEATABLE MIND Foundations Course, but in our warrior development world, you are just getting warmed up. Now it is time to ensure you stay on target, AND commit to accelerating your progress in your Five Mountain Development and Fifth Plateau Awareness.

The next challenge for you is to commit to your continued Self Mastery in Service, by enrolling in the Unbeatable Mind Community and the¬†Advanced Training Series of Lessons. The “AT” lessons and community are designed to keep you focused, and on target, as you master your Unbeatable Mind potential and Show Up with 20X power… to lead your family, team and tribe.

In “AT” you will go deeper into the practices, tools and training introduced in the Foundations Course, AND, up your daily physical and mental training with 3 plans to choose from depending on your level of fitness.

You will also be introduced to more innovative and hard hitting SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind training tools, from disciplines such as our Kokoro yoga, Chi Gong, Krav Maga and our own Combat Offensive Mindset Training. Monthly challenges, community peer connections and special offers from me and the UM Team will keep you on track and motivated. Let’s do this together… don’t fall back into your old patterns, get lazy or in a rut…Let your Unbeatable Mind journey continue¬†with Advanced Training.

As we noted previously, you will be automatically enrolled in the program after Lesson 12, unless for some reason you need to cancel your subscription, or need more time in the Foundations Course, etc. If this is the case, simply email us at [email protected]

We will take care of it, no problem! Hooyah!