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Sun T’zu

In 2014, after reading former Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine’s Unbeatable Mind, I enrolled in his online program. What drew me to participate was the course’s integral approach to personal development using The Five Mountain Plan. This method can also be a blueprint for maximizing your potential, and bringing your goals to fruition.

After studying and applying these principles in my own life, I became interested in and was subsequently certified as an Unbeatable Mind Coach. I am now passing on what I have learned to help others achieve self-mastery.

So how did I arrive at this point? I’m glad you asked…

As a child, I was exposed to a violent and chaotic home life: multiple families, multiple schools, and multiple towns and cities. This resulted in PTSD symptoms presenting as anxiety, sleeplessness, anger, and numerous health issues.

At the age of thirteen, I began using substances as a means of escape from the frustration and chaos of my life. At age seventeen I dropped out of high school, and hit the road. I spent four years hitchhiking, riding freight cars, and living outdoors in desert, mountain and beach environments throughout the United States and Canada. While living this life, I developed a spiritual perspective, a connection to the earth, and a love of solitude.

Despite these experiences, my use of substances lasted for the next several decades. The consequences were myriad: failed marriages, a college drop out twice over, and health issues. The continuing use of substances magnified and increased my sense of disconnection, aloneness, separation and groundlessness. I was incessantly searching for something.

Finally, at the age of forty-three, I decided to stop. I recognized that when I was sober, I wanted to be high, and when I was high, I wanted to be sober. I could no longer live in such an uncomfortable state of indecisiveness and unhappiness.

Once sober, I went back to college to become a counselor specializing in substance abuse issues. In the seven years following this decision, my life improved. I felt grounded, had found a sense of purpose, and was surrounded by a community of sober people who gave me support and encouragement.

This did not last, however, as I soon began to experience a reemergence of anxiety and depression so severe, I could not function in my professional or personal life. This

precipitated my being placed on medication to normalize and put me on a “level playing field”. The medication did not solve the problem. I still found myself unable to function.

At that point I entered counseling and began researching alternatives. I began to investigate meditation and mindfulness techniques. Gradually, within six months of consistent meditative practice, I was able to taper off of the medication completely.

I complemented this commitment by also promoting a daily practice of making healthy lifestyle choices, including proper rest, diet and exercise.

Throughout my career, I have worked with very challenging populations under demanding conditions, and have developed a heightened sensitivity to persons experiencing Post Traumatic Stress related issues. This has included employment in the New York State prison system, in substance abuse detoxification and rehabilitation centers, and in a residential setting for homeless veterans. I also developed and facilitated a mindfulness practice group for inmates within the New York State Department of Corrections.

The most important thing I have learned is that any individual, regardless of apparent handicaps, is capable of achieving twenty times more than they think they can when given access to the appropriate tools for goal setting and managing life stressors.

So, if you are interested in stepping up your game, and achieving twenty times more than you think you can, contact me and we will work together to develop you personalized Five Mountain Plan. Then you too, can maximize your potential, achieve greater self-mastery, and pass it on to others.