Boomer Alred’s purpose is to serve others on their journey to self-mastery.

As a Certified Unbeatable Mind Coach, Boomer is excited to help individuals, companies and organizations realize their full potential. He understands the frustrations of self-help programs that lead to a dead end. Clients quickly become energized when they realize the Unbeatable Mind program is a lifestyle. He can help those curious about what in their life is left untapped.

Boomer has been living the Unbeatable Mind lifestyle since attending the first UM Summit in 2013. He applies the Unbeatable Mind principles in all walks of life from being a four-time National Sports Emmy Award-winning Director of Photography (XGames; World Cup) to a Level 2 CrossFit Trainer. He is grateful to be surrounded by unique individuals, elite teams and extraordinary life experiences.

In 2015, he graduated SEALFIT’s 50+ hour crucible, KOKORO 36. He also has been a part of numerous SEALFIT events (20X, SEALFIT Academy, Mentor Academy, Basic Training Course and Kokoro Yoga). Boomer has also attended all five Unbeatable Mind Summits as a participant and as a coach.

In an example of using his Five Mountain training, Boomer completed 4,700 burpees on his 47th birthday. This challenge took him 21 hours to complete. He understands the importance of mental and emotional resilience in achieving your goals.

Since 2006, Boomer has volunteered a week of his time as a Videographer and Editor on the Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America which raises money and awareness for Victory Junction, a camp for children with special needs in Randleman, NC. He has donated to the San Antonio Amputee Foundation as well as a fundraising effort for the Courage Foundation’s Burpees For Vets campaign.

Travel has taken him to 48 states and 26 countries. Adventure is in his nature, he has climbed Mt. Whitney in California, Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, hiked the Patagonia Trail in Chile and the Inca Trail which leads to Machu Picchu. In 2017, he hiked Stratton Mountain, VT 17 times in 24 hours at an event called 29029, the same elevation as Mt. Everest. He truly enjoys seeing the world and learning about people from across the globe.

Boomer is driven to help others find their true potential, let him serve you on your Unbeatable Mind journey.