Watch The Kokoro Video And Take Notes To Put Your Achievements In Perspective and Complete The Topo Map Exercise So You Can Shorten The Amount Of Time It Takes To Reach Your Goals.

Kokoro Video

Topo Map Exercise (pdf)


Dear Friend,

If you’re like me, you’re fascinated by maps.

Many of us get great pleasure, and deep insight, from sitting down with a map and studying it.

Long before GPS devices came along, I was a fan of topographical maps, commonly known as topo maps.

They give us large-scale detail, and a way to measure the relief of the terrain, usually with contour lines, which connect equal elevations.  Topo maps show us lakes and rivers, ground relief, and forest cover.  They also reveal man-made features such as populated areas, buildings, roads, canals, dams, power lines, and railways.

This training package you’ve asked for gives you the tools to create your own topo map.  It’s a way to assess your life, and your present circumstances, in a whole new way.

Before you begin, here’s something to keep in mind.  This training exercise may strike you as simple when you first read the instructions.  Do not be deceived.

Simple tasks are often the most powerful.  Quite often, what we first judge as simple, and perhaps even superficial, turns out to be much more demanding and challenging than we first imagined.  We rush into the belief assuming we know the answer when actually we don’t.

Our thinking can drag take us off course.  We can misjudge and be tugged away from what deserves our thought toward.

The Starting Point For Your Journey

None of us can grow, and none of us can advance until we can accurately identify our present position.

Throughout history, navigators haven’t just told the captains of ships and the pilots of planes where to go.  They have identified present positions.

Think about it.  If you don’t know where you are, there is no way you can plot a course that will lead you to your desired destination.  It has been this way since the beginning of time, and it applies to your own growth.

In this training package, your assignment is to assess your development in each of The Five Mountains.

The Five Mountains are cornerstones of our Unbeatable Mind training…

  • The First Mountain:  Physical Preparation
  • The Second Mountain:  Mental Preparation
  • The Third Mountain:  Emotional Control
  • The Fourth Mountain:  Awareness And Intuition
  • The Fifth Mountain:  Kokoro, The Unconquerable Spirit

Your Introduction To Kokoro

The first four mountains are obvious, but you may not know what we mean by Kokoro.

Kokoro is the spirit you achieve from mastering the other four mountains.  It is impossible to effectively isolate these mountains because your work on one seeps into another.

Think of Kokoro as the culmination of your development, the integration of your skills, and your ability to practice total presence.

The Video You’ll Study

You will be watching me share important information with graduates of special Kokoro training.

Even though you have not been through this training, my comments will help you better understand how you can benefit from keeping your mind in the present, and keeping your thoughts on others as well as on yourself.

The Commitment You Make To Your Training

Some of you will give this training a quick glance, think you know what it’s all about and where you stand, and will never do the work.

Some of you will start and won’t finish.

And some of you will gut it out.  You’ll discover what only a relative handful of others who have gone before you have discovered – that you are capable of far more than you think you are.

That’s what will happen when you dive into this exercise.

What you find might not be much different than what I found when I dove into a Combat Training Tank years ago for BUD/S, the six-month SEAL training course in Coronado, California.

This training is where you need to start.

Work on evaluating where you stand on each of The Five Mountains.  Be thoughtful and be thorough.  Complete the matrix, answer the three questions, and take time to reflect on what you have learned.

Watch the video until you know it cold.

And after you have done the work, give yourself appropriate credit for taking the first step.

Thanks again for requesting this training package.  All of us on my team look forward to helping you however we can.  We’re here to help you move forward on your journey to scale The Five Mountains.