Hey Folks,

I’m excited to announce that this November, my team and I are rolling out the second cadre for the  Unbeatable Mind Coaching Certification program.

I’m going to briefly go over the benefits of taking one of the spots to be part of this program. We are limiting this to 100 spots.

This new training is virtual so you can do this program when you want, wherever you want. It also includes a complimentary ticket to our 3 day Unbeatable Mind Experience that happens twice a year in San Diego so you can plan when you want to come join us and your fellow coaches in person.

This program is for leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs, consultants and anyone who wants to develop themselves and others using our unique five mountain philosophy.

You likely already know that leadership & coaching is fulfilling. To have the skills to help others break past barriers and improve in all areas of their lives gives you a sense of deep satisfaction.

You also probably already know that coaching is lucrative. You’ve already heard how the life coaching and executive coaching industry has exploded in growth. Those people in successful careers need a guide to help them successfully balance their health, relationships and peace of mind, while working with and through others in their professions.

You know that millions of entrepreneurs, executives, athletes, and every day strivers have hired coaches to help them improve their lives and reach new levels of potential and performance.

You know that everyone who wants to succeed today, in any position, in any organization, must know how to coach others to be their best. If people work for you, then you have to help them do better and be better. If you serve clients, then you have to coach them to perform their best.

You also probably know that almost anyone can claim to be a ‘coach.’ And that most coaches don’t know what they are doing and constantly struggle. It’s not their fault.

The problem is that most coaching programs give you a few general skills on how to coach. Traditional coaching certifications are sadly just freshmen-level courses on interpersonal communication skills—learn to listen better! build rapport! manage conflict! collaborate toward solutions!—disguised as business opportunities.

Real coaches don’t just repeatedly ask their clients, “So, how’s it going? What should we work on today? What are your goals, and where are you stuck?” If that’s what you think coaching is, then you’ve been blindsided by stereotypes or have never been exposed to elite-level coaching.

Most life coaching programs don’t have a framework, let alone a proven one like Unbeatable Mind, by which to help clients.

Another problem is that most coaching programs help people deal with issues as they come up. That’s great, until the next one comes up.

At Unbeatable Mind, we have a framework of tools, practices and skills that have been proven to work for Special Operations candidates, CEOs, professional and Olympic athletes, executives, entrepreneurs and people of all ages and walks of life.

Proven. Under the most stressful and chaotic environments out there.

You don’t have to wonder if our Unbeatable Mind approaches will work for your clients. You will know beyond a shadow of a doubt which will give you a strong sense of confidence when you work with clients.

Another problem with most coaching programs is that there isn’t coaching for you as you go along. The best way to become a great coach is to get coaching yourself. In our program you will get live coaching in three different ways so you get the feedback, guidance and encouragement you need.

Lastly (I could go on but I’ll end here) most coaching programs don’t help you transform yourself. If they have any element of this, it is one-dimensional (around emotions, or thought processes). Not like Unbeatable Mind where you (and your clients) will develop across all 5 Mountains - Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intuitional and in your persevering no-matter-what Kokoro Spirit.

It’s a travesty that most ‘professional coaching certifications’ don’t teach you how to start, make money as a coach, or guide clients through truly transformative sessions.

They don’t teach you how to grow your brand and live an incredible lifestyle as a coach.

That’s why this is an important letter. Our Unbeatable Mind Coaching Faculty and I would like to teach you to become an elite-level coach fast, no matter what you do now, no matter your background.

I know that might sound crazy, especially if you’re new. But I honestly don’t know of a better way for you to transform people’s lives so deeply, and this career (or role - this doesn’t need to be your profession) can be so rewarding and transformative for you.

If you agree, then perhaps this is something for you to explore further, with me and our coaches as your guides. If you care about helping others, if you are armed with a proven coaching process, if you learn from the best, if you have a coaching community to learn from and leverage… well, then the world is yours.

Truly, the world belongs to those who know how to help others change and hit high performance. In fact, I believe that all the great results in my life have come from knowing how to help people reach higher levels of potential and performance.

It’s why I enjoy my career so much—it’s a true honor to help people live their best lives and serve their highest calling.

You know enough about me, so let me share why I know that becoming a Certified Unbeatable Mind Coach™ is right for you:

1. Coaching isn’t about your background or personality. It’s about your client and a process that is proven to help them reach their potential faster. We’ll show you how to get clients, and we’ll personally train you on a process that helps anyone, anywhere, reach higher performance and results (in any area of their life). Stop worrying if you’re credible enough because it’s not about you or your background—it’s about the client and your process for helping them achieve and grow.

2. Coaching starts with your heart. If you care for people, then we can train you to do this. You don’t have to know how to do this right now—it’s our job to train and certify you. You enroll in the Unbeatable Mind Coaching Certification program with an open heart, and we’ll show you the process, tools and skills (and if you want, the business).

3. Coaching is best taught by a real coach. Our Faculty have decades of experience coaching in all areas - Special Operations candidates, Fortune 500 C-Suite Execs (one of our faculty members was a C-Level Exec for a Fortune 500 Company), Entrepreneurs, you name it. Two of our faculty members also have backgrounds in therapy and counseling which gives you needed insights into how to appropriately engage with your clients. We know what works and how to get you up to speed.

4. Coaching isn’t far off—you can start right away. Look, I know you’re in a hurry. You don’t want to waste your time going from program to program or seminar to seminar to become a highly-paid coach. You want to get to work now—to change lives now—following a proven process. We’ll give you that process and in turn you’ll save dozens of years off your learning curve. You can truly start now.

Is this resonating with you? If so, I’d like to give you the same coaching process I would use for any highly driven individual. It’s a process that would help anyone from any walk of life achieve the extraordinary. It’s also the same process we use with senior executives, Olympic athletes, and many of the world’s most influential people. It works, and you can do it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Unbeatable Mind Coaching Certification

Mark Divine, one of the world's most sought after leadership coaches, describes the purpose as "guiding others to expand their capacity for greater potential."

To coach someone to an elevated level means leading by example and being able to integrate the "five mountains" of physical, mental, emotional, intuitive and spiritual domains into your own life and personal growth. The ultimate aim is mastery of the self, in service to humanity.

Mark further explains that coaching means "embodying the Unbeatable Mind lifestyle by expanding your capacity for greater potential, to access peak performance, to serve more powerfully and in alignment with your purpose, and to connect at a deeper level with your family, team, and communities."

Certified Unbeatable Mind coaches help their clients let go of perceived limitations by teaching them skills that are unique to our program. UM coaches are trained to look at the individual client from an integrated lens. What does that mean? It means that people's physical bodies and health are directly linked to their mental and emotional states. And the balance of the physical, mental and emotional body informs the intuition and heart connection of the individual.

Certified Unbeatable Mind coaches have a proven track record at getting people out of the cycles that they are trapped in to thrive in their lives. They are experts in communication so they don’t just ask any question, but ask the right question at the right time so that clients discover the perceived rock in the road and are able to move around the obstacle with ease and grace.

UM coaches free the client from the traps of the mind, something most coaching programs don't even begin to understand how to train their coaches in. This isn't "get a better body and have a better life" coaching. This is "get in the dirt and dig deep" as a coach with your client so that they are free and grow every session, continually building momentum for an Unbeatable Life.

Unbeatable Mind Coaches coach clients in person and virtually (many have clients around the world). They coach 1:1, meeting with their clients twice a month, and the coach in what we call Boat Crews (groups of 6 - 8). The added benefit of a Boat Crew is the team camaraderie, encouragement, and added accountability.

Most coaching programs are one dimensional in the sense that you learn to coach someone in nutrition, or to grow their business. In the Unbeatable Mind program, we are committed to training coaches as integrated trainers.

As a Certified Unbeatable Mind coach, you will understand that everything is interconnected and to be able to lead your clients to live a life in balance. You will learn how to coach and lead. In this training, you will learn how to have healthy boundaries, how to deal with power differentials, and how to have accountability conversations. You will train in coaching competencies, including active listening, powerful questioning, direct communication, managing progress, creating trust, and so on.

Also, you will learn at a deep level the tools and practices of the Unbeatable Mind system to support your team and or clients to live and thrive at their highest potential. If you are in management and want to gain traction and tools to lead your team, this program is right for you. If you are looking to start a coaching business and work with individuals, this coaching program is world class and will prepare you to be a leader in a very fast growing profession.

Yes, you can really do this if you have the time, motivation, and desire to better your life and those around you. If communication and more profound connection are for you with your colleagues, family, and friends, then this program is for you. It is a program designed for leaders and individuals that have a desire to make this world a better place, and understand that that happens by being the force within their communities to make that change.

Coaching is about helping others live to the fullest potential possible, and the Unbeatable Mind system has proven for years to do that with the best of the best. This coaching program is famous for deepening connection with oneself so that you can be of service to others. Our coaching program surpasses the gold standard that is set by the industry in its training. If you like to learn and develop your skillset to motivate others, then yes, this is for you.

If you have a calling to be of service to your community, this program will give you the tools that are necessary to be successful as a coach. The Unbeatable Mind philosophy is that you can maximize your potential by 20 times what you think, so if you doubt that you can do this then we say let go of fear, walk with courage to one of the best decisions you could make - to be a leader amongst leaders and inspire anyone and everyone you meet.

If you apply and are accepted as a Certified Unbeatable Mind Coach and are accepted, you get: 

  • Three days at the immersive Unbeatable Mind Experience (UME), taught by Mark Divine and his senior instructor cadre held in Carlsbad, California. We will have a special session at the end of the UME just for UM Coaches and Coaches in Training. The next Unbeatable Mind Experiences are in March & September 2020. The Unbeatable Mind Experience takes place at the Cape Rey Hotel in Carlsbad, CA (Value: $2497) 

  • Exclusive membership in an elite community of world-class coaches. If you are selected to participate, expect to be surrounded by overachievers from all walks of life and learn from the collective experience of the group. And that's why Certified Unbeatable Mind Coaches have premium positioning in the marketplace.

  • Sixteen weeks of ongoing, skill-based training to help you continually master your craft and marketing. Every month, you'll get an invitation to join group calls with me, and a live 2-hour webinar with me and our coaching faculty where you and fellow Unbeatable Mind Coaches in training can get all of your questions answered, learn new concepts, and practice and get feedback on your coaching. There will also be bi-weekly office hours where you can get help from our faculty.

  • Sixteen lesson modules with videos which will show you how to coach in general - with particular skills which have taken our faculty decades to develop - as well as how to coach the UM tools. There are also live coaching video sessions so that you can watch (again and again) so you can see specifically how to coach. We hear from people that's what's missing from other programs. With 16 audio recordings as well as dozens of templates and articles, you'll have plenty of resources to support both you and your clients. (Value: $4997) 

  • Enrollment in the Unbeatable Mind 12-month Foundations Program (Platinum Level) - over 10,000 people have gone through this program with incredible results. (Value: $2497) 

  • If you want to coach as a business, there are 16 modules to help you on many aspects of that. This includes setting up a website, enrolling clients (especially if you hate to sell), creating social media and videos, how to talk about what you do to others, and how to create a compelling WHY to drive you to get out and serve others. (Value: $997) 

  • Private Facebook group of active Unbeatable Mind Certified Coaches

No. This is a professional certification program that certifies that you have completed our training. This is not a franchise, "business opportunity," employee relationship, referral program, or business partnership with Unbeatable Mind. The role of Unbeatable Mind is to deeply train you on a methodology for coaching, and ensure that you have an embodied understanding of the UM principles, and then to support you in your skill development as a coach.

We will give you guidelines on pricing in the Business Development section of the program. We strongly recommend you do not charge less than our listed pricing for coaching, although you are free to set your prices and you can keep what you charge. You earned it!

One of the benefits of Unbeatable Mind Coaching (and one of the reasons clients stay with their coaches for so long) is that they can get access to the Unbeatable Mind online Academy (remember it is 12 months long). And they get monthly access to Mark live via the Platinum call.

If you want to have your clients go through us, we will take care of all the hassles and fees of credit card processing, and your clients will receive the Unbeatable Mind Academy Program and access to Mark live each month through the Platinum video call. We charge your client the set price, and you get the lion's share of your fee. This is all outlined in the Business Development section. You don't need to do this, but almost all of the coaches do because it is such excellent service (and deal) for both you and your clients.

If you want to become licensed, you will have access to the Unbeatable Mind Brand assets, be listed on our digital forums, and be eligible to receive clients from Unbeatable Mind. Not everyone should be licensed, but for those that do, there is a fee of $500 annually (which is comped the first year for all who attend the Unbeatable Mind Experience which is also included)!

The application process to become a Certified Unbeatable Mind Coach™ is open to anyone in the world. Since space is limited to 100 participants, the earlier you apply, the better. Once we are full, the process will be closed for the first cohort, which kicks off on November 5th.

You will receive a reply or acceptance email within five business days.

To apply:

You can apply using the form on this page. Our team will review applications as they come in and notify you about your application status as quickly as possible.

Once your application has been reviewed, you will receive an email to set up a call with one of my team members, who will discuss your application more in depth.

If you have any questions about the Certification or this process, please write to us at [email protected] with the subject line: UMC Question.

A. If accepted, you will get a welcome letter with information on kick off dates, coaching dates, and office hours. You can start on your journey and finish as soon as 4 months (for those that wish to take longer that is also an option). It is self-paced, and we will be there to support you the entire time.

The Certified Unbeatable Mind Coaching Program has 16 lessons, which you can complete at your own pace. 4 months is probably the quickest anyone could (or would want to) go through it because it isn't about book knowledge or intellectually knowing something. It's about embodying these concepts internally yourself, and then being able to serve and support someone with that knowledge so you will want to go at a pace that allows you to do that.

B. If accepted, you will get a complimentary ticket to Unbeatable Mind Experience ($2,497 Value) in Carlsbad, Ca.

C. If accepted, you will get admittance to the Unbeatable Mind Platinum Level Program ($2,497 Value)

D. If accepted, you will need to pay your Certification fee within 10 days of acceptance. Tuition is USD 4,995 and can be paid in a single payment or three payments of $1,695.

The tuition fee covers your coaching program videos, audios and live virtual training, the Live Unbeatable Mind Experience, and all your materials and coaching tools.

There are two steps to the certification process. First, there are 16 lessons, each with several modules. You will have to get a passing grade for each lesson. That's the first part. The second part is a live (in-person or via video) exam where you will be coaching someone live and get assessed. You will also be asked to respond to various questions to test your knowledge and ability of the UM material and of the coaching process. You need to pass both of those to get certified.

You receive a Certificate of Completion, and you can start! You will be armed with all the training and resources you need to lead or coach others. You'll also have access to the Certified Unbeatable Mind Coaching community to ask questions along the way. In fact, we'll assign boat crews for accountability partners to work with you along the way.

Success Stories
Hear What Our Coaches Have to Say

Brett Hextall

"Unbeatable Mind over the course of the last 8 months has been a transformational experience in my life. The lessons that I’ve gleaned especially from my coach Richard Thompson and especially Mark Divine have really allowed me to come to a different headspace. It’s fundamentally changed how I have relationships with friends and family. More importantly though, it’s allowed me to ideally be a bit of a leader. There’s a ton of people around the country that I really love and want to help and all the lessons that Unbeatable Mind has taught me and now I can teach others. That something that allows me to give back and it’s something I am truly grateful for."

Don Voogd

"I was drawn to the [Unbeatable Mind Coaching] program because chronic stress and fatigue had really worn me out. I couldn’t find my way out and I was looking for an Unbeatable Mind. I found Mark’s program online and I actually worked with his program in 2012-2013 and it was like reading a book, great material. I read it, I forgot everything and didn’t really apply it to my life. As I signed up for the Coaching program I got a lot more than I bargained for but I had to meet myself for the first time more than once. I learned a lot of truths, painful truths about myself but it also allowed me to work on those shortcomings. Physically, mentally, emotionally, intuitionally and my spirit all developed in this program and I have to say that it was priceless. The end result, although it is ongoing, is mental clarity, I have some peace, I’m less anxious and I show up and when I show up I’m present. I can’t thank Mark and the entire group here at Unbeatable Mind for giving that back to me because I couldn’t figure out how to do that myself. Hooyah!"

Dave Depinto

"I was initially drawn to Unbeatable Mind because it’s a fully integrated system- physical, mental, emotional, intuitional, and Kokoro mountains. And for me that became one of the most effective ways to train and take responsibility for my own personal development. So it stuck because it’s an integrated program. It wasn’t a book, it wasn’t a class that just stopped...it’s an experience that transforms a person over time and that’s certainly what it’s done for me."

Jamie Hurtubise

"I came to this program through SEALFIT and through my own Unbeatable Mind practice. I got the email about the coaching and there was just something inside of me that said I had to do it. It just felt like it was the right decision to make to apply. I did and I couldn’t be happier with the changes that have been made. I’ve become a much more authentic version of myself. I’m much more understanding of my passion, purpose and principles and I can better live out my purpose to help educate others be the best version of themselves. I’ve seen my personal relationships blossom. I’ve seen my relationship with my wife especially blossom. And now, I’m able to impart what I’ve learned through this program for people who are undergoing transitional phases in their life. I couldn’t be happier."

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