Get Certified As An Unbeatable Mind Coach! 

Become An Unbeatable Mind Certified Coach!
If you’re driven to help others achieve the extraordinary…

If you want your team and your clients to confidently reach peak performance…

And if you want to experience the same results for yourself…   

There are 3 things that will make you a highly effective leader working with teams or clients:
  • Confidence in your coaching & leadership skills
  • ​The heart and courage to help people
  • ​And the proven skills to get your clients results
It's going to be difficult to see success as a coach or leader without these 3 things, especially if you're new to coaching or you don't have a lot of experience yet.

But the problem is, most coaching programs only give you a few general skills on how to coach. Even those skills usually aren’t very effective and I’m about to tell you why.
Here’s Why Most Coaching Programs Don’t Work
Traditional coaching certifications are sadly just freshmen-level courses on interpersonal communication skills disguised as business opportunities. Learn to listen better! Build rapport! Manage conflict! Collaborate toward solutions!

Real coaches don’t just repeatedly ask their clients, “So, how’s it going? What should we work on today? What are your goals, and where are you stuck?”

Another problem is that most coaching programs help people deal with issues as they come up. That’s great, until the next one comes up.

If that’s what you think coaching and leadership is, then you’ve been blindsided by stereotypes or have never been exposed to elite-level coaching.

Most life coaching programs don’t have a framework to help clients, let alone a proven one like Unbeatable Mind.
The #1 Mistake New Coaches And Leaders Make
Here’s the thing…

If you’re coaching or trying to lead from your MIND, you won’t be successful.  

That’s because the mind is home to the FEAR Wolf.

The FEAR Wolf holds us back and mires us in self doubt and fear. It is constantly fighting us, trying to get us to give up on our aspirations and “settle” for what’s safe or “good enough”.

And because it lives in your mind, trying to lead from this place can only lead to failure.

Imagine if you had the tools to lead from your source of courage and confidence instead.  

The place inside you that pushes you in new directions, allows us to accomplish new things, and becomes the source of constant growth and success.

Now THAT is a recipe for true growth and transformation for both your clients and yourself!

And it’s exactly what I’m going to teach you in the Unbeatable Mind Coaching Certification program.
A Coaching System That’s Proven To Get Results 
If you’ve heard my story, you know that I graduated #1 in my Navy SEAL class out of 185 students. 

And when it comes to coaching and leadership, what’s even more important is that all 7 members of my Navy SEAL boat crew also made it to graduation day.

This is extremely rare. Jim, my COO, has told me that the odds of this happening are about 1 in a million. 

Something was different in the way that I was leading us to get through BUD/S training - what many consider to be the toughest mental and physical training on earth. 

I didn’t know it at the time, but this was how I got my start as an elite coach. 

In 2005 I was hired by the Navy to lead pre-deployment training for all SEALs going to combat. 

This program was so successful that the US Navy Recruiting Command hired me to develop a nationwide coaching and mentor program for all SEAL trainees. 
From 85% Failure
To 90% Success 
This coaching program helped the SEALs substantially reduce attrition and improved the mental training of the force. And the tools of my Unbeatable Mind System are now being integrated into both SEAL and pararescue training. 

I then launched SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind to bring the full program to both Special Operations Forces and civilians. 

These programs have been extremely successful. Navy SEAL training is the toughest military training on the planet, with an 85% failure rate.
However, the SEAL trainees that we train through SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind, using our elite Coaching System, see a 90% success rate. Obviously, this is a night and day difference, and we’ve been able to accomplish this because our Coaching System is truly unique. 

Because our Coaching System is so powerful, we’ve expanded our program beyond the Navy SEALs to anyone who is interested in becoming an elite coach or leader. 

And you won’t have to wonder if our Unbeatable Mind approaches will work, so they’ll give you a strong sense of confidence with your clients.

When your application is accepted into the program, you’ll be learning the same process we use with senior executives, Olympic athletes, and many top coaches. It works and you can do it.
Here’s Why You Should Become An Unbeatable Mind Coach
This program is for leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs, consultants and anyone who wants to develop themselves and others using our unique Unbeatable Mind System. 

It’s phenomenal if you’re an existing coach who wants to take your skills to a whole new level... 

It’s priceless if you’re an executive or manager who wants to lead your corporate team to incredible levels of success… 

It’s perfect if you want to start a high-profit coaching business (full-time, or part-time). Many of our certified coaches charge $200-$500 per hour… 

And it’s a game-changer if you’re an entrepreneur who understands that becoming an elite coach and leader is possibly the most important thing you can do to achieve massive entrepreneurial success!

Here’s Everything You’ll Get When You Become
An Unbeatable Mind Coach
16 Weeks of Training & Coaching Calls
Includes monthly group calls with me and a live 2-hour webinar with me where you can get all of your questions answered, learn new concepts, and practice and get feedback on your coaching. There will also be bi-weekly office hours where you can get help from our faculty. (Value: $4,997) 
16 Weekly Lessons
Teaching you how to coach - with particular skills that have taken our faculty decades to develop - as well as how to coach the Unbeatable Mind tools. With 16 audio recordings as well as dozens of templates and articles, you'll have plenty of resources to support you, your clients, and your team. You’ll also get live video coaching sessions with our faculty to help you master the Unbeatable Coaching System. (Value: $4997)
Unbeatable Mind 12-month Foundations Program
Platinum Level Enrollment. Over 10,000 people have gone through this program with incredible results. (Value: $2497) 
  Ticket to the Unbeatable Mind Experience 
Attend our 3-Day In-Person Event (Or Virtual Live Stream Event).
Good for any UME in the next 24 months. Use it for yourself, give it to a team member or as an incredible gift to friends and family.
(Value: $2,999) 
Coaching Business Support 
If you’re an existing coach or you’re starting a coaching business, you will also get 16 Coaching Business modules to help you grow your business. These modules include training on how to set up your coaching website, the best way to enroll clients (especially if you hate to sell), how to create social media and videos to promote your business, how to explain your services to others, and how to create a compelling WHY to drive you to get out and serve others. (Value: $997) 

Elite Community of World-Class Coaches
You’ll be surrounded by overachievers from all walks of life so you can learn from the collective experience of the group. It’s one of the many reasons why Certified Unbeatable Mind Coaches are considered “premium”. Includes Private Facebook group. (Priceless) 
 Plus You’ll Receive This Free Bonus!


Receive two private 1-to-1 coaching sessions with Certified Faculty to help you develop your custom Five Mountain Plan.

$1000 Value

Certification Tuition Options
This is an elite Certification Program! 

During our first Certification Cohort, the tuition to get Certified was $20,000… and we believe it was worth every penny. 

Since then, we have refined the program and we’ve found a way to give you the same incredible value for a more affordable tuition. 

The tuition to become an Unbeatable Mind Certified Coach is now just $4,997.

You can pay in full or you can choose one of our affordable monthly payment options. 

After you apply, our coaching team will answer all of your questions about your tuition options and help you pick an affordable plan that works for you. 

Space Is Limited - Apply Now
Truly, the world belongs to those who know how to help others change and hit high performance. In fact, I believe that all the great results in my life have come from knowing how to help people reach higher levels of potential and performance.

It’s why I enjoy my career so much and it’s a true honor to help people live their best lives and serve their highest calling.

There are only 100 spots available in the Unbeatable Mind Coaching Certification program, so I advise you to get your application in today.

If you want the confidence and skills to be able to....

Help your clients achieve all the major goals they have.
Know for certain your coaching is worth thousands of dollars because you can deliver amazing results.

And you want to get to work now to change lives following a proven process that has worked for Navy SEAL candidates, Fortune 500 C-Suite Execs, Entrepreneurs, Olympic athletes, and some of the world’s most influential people…

Then I encourage you to apply now using the button below.

Mark Divine
Here's What Our Coaches Are Saying About The Program
Trevor Osborn
CEO, Fifth Plateau
"“The Unbeatable Mind coaching certification program is by far the leading integrated development model for coaches intent on changing the world and maximizing human potential in the process.
The coaching experience is delivered via a state of the art online platform, combined with experiential-based learning and engagement with like-minded individuals. The content leverages US Navy Seal techniques combined with leading-edge development methods to unlock massive potential.
I have personally had life-changing experiences during the course that show me how exceptional results can be achieved through this model. The methods are relevant for improving organizational team performance, individual performance and our own engagement with family and friends.
I highly recommend the course and appreciate the privilege to be a part of this unique journey."
Sloane Dugan, PhD
Haskayne School of Business
University of Calgary
“This program provides focused readings, in-depth discussions with other members of my team, and the tools to expand on much of what I’ve previously learned. Also, this program is strengthening my transferable skills for assisting my clients and students to more effectively achieve their personal and professional development goals. This program is a life-changing opportunity.”

Alice Vanderlinde
"“There is a new level of personal awareness and growth that I have experienced by working through the online Coaching Certification alongside the Unbeatable Mind Foundations Course. This is an exceptional opportunity for growth as an individual, leader, as well as a coach in any field of life. This is also an exceptional opportunity to connect with and work alongside world-class coaches and likeminded individuals with a common mission for the betterment of humanity. “ 
Sara Jones, M.Ed., MBA
CEO, Educator, Coach, Consultant, Author
"It’s a rare program that can design, develop and implement a top-notch online curriculum. Not only does UM’s coaching program do this, but it also anticipates and provides for a top-quality learner experience between sessions. Coaches-in-Training have the freedom to go through the program at their own pace, but the scaffolding around each student – the office hours, the coaching calls, the boat crews and the swim buddies – surround each of us with a strong sense of team and support as we learn to teach this holistic and comprehensive system for developing mental toughness. This places the UM coaching program far and above the other programs out there."
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