“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”
― Fred Rogers

You’ve always been the strong one.

You are a helper, a sheepdog, a leader who has trained hard and sacrificed nearly everything to serve, the one others turn to when in need.You are the first to jump out and help. You believe so much in the ideals to make a positive difference in a world that you work yourself to the bone to do so.

But you find yourself struggling…

On the outside, you look great  to everyone, ok, maybe a little tired…  but inside you know you are in trouble. There is a disconnect. Somewhere along the way to making that positive impact,  you find yourself lost, overwhelmed, exhausted, depleted, compassion-fatigued or just unsettled… like you are not where you want to be and no longer know how or even why to get there.

The difference you set out to make no longer feels meaningful.  Your professed values – the reasons you declared that brought you to your profession – feel increasingly far away from your practiced values- what you are actually doing. Because of your commitment and resilience, you continue to lead, serve, take care of others… but increasingly you wonder, “who will take care of me? Whom can I turn to?” “Who is thinking of me?” “Who has my back?”

And then the COVID-19 pandemic struck, throwing volatility, uncertainty, chaos and ambiguity into an already difficult situation. You find yourself in free fall, and just when you think you hit rock bottom, the bottom gets pulled out from under you and you are back in free fall again and again…

You feel stuck – I mean, you gave a lot to get here right? What now?

I hear you. I see you. You are not imagining and you are not alone. I have been there…

Hi, I am Yvonne Ator and I have helped many mission-driven leaders, helpers, ‘sheepdogs” and frontline-workers like you who have sacrificed a lot to make a positive impact and find themselves struggling. Just like you.

I am deeply passionate about helping those who desire to make a difference thrive while making their positive impact in the world and I have also sacrificed a lot, trained extensively in many coaching modalities (including being in the pioneer plankholder cohort of certified Unbeatable Mind Coaches!) and served with several years of experience to do so. Unbeatable Mind saved my life – I found my mentor Mark Divine, his work and the UM Family during the worst crisis of my life and I used my life as the lab for the principles I was learning.  This work works!!! And I have helped several people reconnect with their mission, values and strengths so they can continue to serve sustainably and thrive even in volatile, uncertain, chaotic, and ambiguous situations. As your coach, I am on your team. I am the one who is looking out for you. I have your back and I am rooting for you. Please read my bio below and if it resonates, let’s hop on a consultation call for a full assessment of your needs and how I can serve you.

Fondly called “The Helper For Helpers and Sheepdog for Sheepdogs”, Dr. Yvonne Ator is deeply passionate about serving those who serve and lead.

As the Founder of Thriving Physicians and Thriving Idealist, she has spent the past several years coaching mission-driven professionals who desire to serve and lead sustainably and thrive in their personal and professional lives while making their positive impact in the world without succumbing to disillusionment, moral injury, compassion fatigue or burnout. As a sheepdog for sheepdogs, she equips helpers and leaders struggling with overwhelm, overwork or feeling stuck with tools and resources to master themselves so they can live authentically and serve to their fullest potential. Yvonne is also passionate about creating daring  leadership and courage cultures in the workplace.

Born in England, raised in several states in Nigeria and the United States, Yvonne was the quintessential idealist who wanted to change the world through medical mission. However, after finding herself at a crossroads, overwhelmed and compassion-fatigued as a new mom having to choose between her mental health and burnout in the medical profession she had sacrificed everything for, Yvonne became an avid advocate for physician wellness, courageous service and leadership,  suicide prevention and a more wholehearted culture in the workplace.

After losing her comatose dad during a physician strike and finding herself homeless, divorced and financially destitute, Yvonne realized the pitfalls of burnout and quitting medicine without a safety net. She now empowers helping professionals to step back from the tunnel of overwhelm and burnout, rediscover their values and strengths with a new lens and mindset to see the options before them and make more aligned and empowered decisions.

She has attained several certifications in resilience, wellness, personal, leadership and organizational development. She is a certified Personal and Executive Coach in positive psychology, Certified Daring Way Facilitator, Certified Dare to Lead Facilitator (Brene Brown’s work) and a certified Unbeatable Mind Coach (Integrated Training in Mental Toughness and Emotional resilience with  Retired Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine!).  She is also a certified Chaplain for frontline and emergency workers.

A physician, musician, coach, writer, author, speaker, advocate  and serial-quester, Yvonne is tireless in her mission  to empower, equip and inspire those who have sacrificed to serve. She co-created the Veterans Integrated Program with the Courage Foundation to help veterans with post-traumatic stress cultivate the tools and practices to thrive. She is a sought-out keynote speaker and workshop facilitator on leadership, resilience, work culture and emotional development topics such as Daring Leadership, Rumbling with Vulnerability, Living Our Values and building TRUST, disciplines of the warriors and the big 4 of Mental toughness. She has internationally published several articles including laughter as medicine, caring for caregivers, mindfulness meditation, grief, crisis intervention, trauma resilience and cultivating values. She is a co- author of the book “Thinking About Quitting Medicine?”

When she isn’t being chased around by her two unbeatable warrior-princesses, she is either playing guitar, meditating, latin dancing, wanderlusting, hosting free Respite sessions for Frontline workers during the Pandemic,  helping Courage Foundation’s mission to help veterans with Post-traumatic stress, dreaming up her next quest or geeking out on values, leadership, antifragility, emotional intelligence, Unbeatable Mind and Oprah!

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