Trey Herron is an Unbeatable Mind Certified Coach, entrepreneur, and endurance athlete, who has a passion for inspiring, motivating, and coaching others to accomplish their goals. He is particularly enthusiastic about working with athletes and entrepreneurs to develop and implement their personal plans for success. In addition, he is frequently a keynote speaker on smashing goals and leadership.

Trey enjoyed a college career at the University of Mississippi on a golf scholarship and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business. While attending Ole Miss, he started his first business at age 19. In the more than 25 years since, he has built his own successful businesses, all the while helping others do the same.  He has risen to the Top 1% of distributors in a $7 billion dollar a year company while helping many others lead prosperous teams of distributors around the world. He is also a franchisee with one of the nation’s leading fitness companies and teaches a rigorous schedule of group fitness classes.

Over the past three years, Trey developed a newfound love for endurance sports. By employing the Unbeatable Mind principles he teaches, he has trained for and completed three Leadville 100 MTB Races, a Go Ruck Tough, a 16-mile trail run, a SEALFIT 20XS, and the 50-Hour SEALFIT KOKORO crucible. KOKORO is described as the world’s premier training crucible for forging mental toughness, modeled after the U.S. Navy Seals’ Hell Week. It is a non-stop, 50+ hour training experience with a reputation for being the hardest civilian training in the world.

Trey has been married to his wife Mamie for 18 years, and they have a 10-year-old son, Will.