I Coach Human “Beings” in revealing the Unbeatable version of themselves that lies within!

Six years ago, I discovered SEALFIT through a teammate at the fire department. My teammate utilized SEALFIT to guide his workouts and suggested I use it towards my physical goals. At that time, I was training for a half marathon followed by a Spartan Beast two weeks later. The combination of physical and mental resiliency training hit home for me. I was hooked and wanted to dive deeper!

Subsequently, I began listening to Mark Divine’s Unbeatable Mind podcast and the message resonated with me. I continued further into the world of Unbeatable Mind, incorporating the practices into my own life. I have participated in various SEALFIT/UM Crucible type experiences of various durations and intensities over the years. These Crucibles have been with both the military and as a civilian. I believe in the concept of the Tactical Athlete for physical training and when combined with the UM operating system we become unbeatable. Over time I continued to grow, move forward despite setbacks and resolve towards embodiment of UM and strengthening my ability to serve others.

I specialize in developing people that want to dominate in the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) environment and embody a “sheepdog” mindset. I have been a member of Special Operations Teams in both the Fire Service and Military over the last 25 years. I apply the Boat Crew and Swim Buddy principles during this process. Why, because it works! I enjoy empowering individuals and teams in accomplishing growth towards their 20x potential thru teamwork and leadership training. I believe in the mantra “Ready to lead, Ready to follow!” I utilize visualization and dirt diving to “win in your mind first” as a key element for mission success. Intense YES! However, I ensure recovery, nature, safety and fun are priorities and strive for a flow state experience for my clients and myself.

My Passion is pushing myself and others beyond our perceived limits and move with bold action towards our 20x potential while learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. My coaching practice is Principle based and focuses on Integrity, Accountability, Commitment, and Service to both self and others. These principles and a clear personal “why” drive the individual and team in mission success! My Purpose is to assist individuals and teams reach elite levels by coaching them to do their own heavy lifting. There is no easy way, we have to do the work. Our obstacles usually show up in some form of fear, resistance, discomfort or the unknown. I believe in the Stoic principle; “the obstacle is the way”. I challenge you to ponder the following:

You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” – Marcus Aurelius