“Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you? These treasures have been waiting patiently for you – and hoping that you will say yes.” (Elizabeth Gilbert)

The desire to say “yes” is what brought me to Unbeatable Mind. Most people explore coaching because they feel stuck, unclear, or even fearful. They want to grow and experience “more” in life, but they need help to define what “more” means for them and how to accomplish it given the challenges that can also arise. The courage to uncover your gifts and to live them is the difference between a stagnant or “good enough” life and a life that is truly fulfilling.  I do not know what treasures are hidden within you, but I suspect that you do – or at least you have caught glimpses of them. These are the most alive parts of you – and sometimes we need an ally, a coach, to help us fully uncover and express them.

Allow me to share about my journey. For the past 30 years, I have owned and managed a successful executive search and outplacement consulting business. I also spent seven years caring for my parents through their difficult and painful process of aging and dying. Caring for them was both a gift and my biggest wake-up call. Life is truly finite. By society’s standards, I have done some noteworthy things. But I knew that in essential ways, changes were needed. I had been doing my best for family, friends, and clients, but in all that outward focus, I had not been fully listening to important parts of myself.

I knew there was “more,” and over the years I have been drawn to a wide variety of valuable learning experiences. In retrospect, the most notable learnings for me began with my training at Tom Brown’s Tracker School, a premier wilderness school in the Native American tradition. I have been a long-time student in the professional training program for Body-Centered Psychotherapy as taught at The Hartford Family Institute, a leading training program of its type in the US. I have valued diving deep into the Asian and South African spiritual traditions and practicing martial arts, qigong, and fitness for much of my life. In my later years, I even embraced the challenging growth experience of contact improvisation and expressive dance (… ok, I’ll spare you the video.) As valuable as these learnings have been, a piece still felt missing.

In 2015, I found Unbeatable Mind. I immediately resonated with the holistic mind-body approach it offered to intentionally define and live life. It has also been pivotal in pulling together many of my past learnings. Unbeatable Mind excels at providing proven tools and daily practices that can help you refine your purpose, guide you in uniquely expressing those things most valuable within you, and handle the stresses that can arise in making any change. It addresses your development as an individual as well as your growth within a team or community environment. This training will stretch you, but it is also exciting and rewarding. I continue to do the work and this practice is making all the difference for me. But that is my story. You owe it to yourself to explore and shape yours.

I would welcome the opportunity to learn more about you. Together we can create your unique practice using the Unbeatable Mind tools.

“If you advance confidently in the direction of your dreams, and endeavor to live the life which you have imagined, you will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” (Henry David Thoreau)