“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” -Viktor E. Frankl

What’s the best team you’ve ever been part of? Was it a sports team, a band, a project or executive team at work? If you’ve had the magic of this experience it’s unforgettable. Maybe you didn’t realize at the time how unique and rare it was. What was the secret formula and how do I replicate it? How do I get more of that in my life?

Odds are that it took a few key elements coming together at the right place and right time:

  • Tribe…warriors, brothers – diverse in background, united in rejecting average and embracing the uncommon
  • Shared goal…a significant challenge, a crucible – audacity plus the inspiration to achieve it
  • Hard work…perfect practice – relentless training, trying, failing, learning, adapting, and improving
  • Great coachone who can find your blind spots and challenge you where no one else will

Which of these are you missing? Which have you invested to put in place?

How successful are you? There’s a cruel trick the ego likes to play on men of achievement. Little by little we forget how we got there. We feel certain of being in charge, of needing no help, and describe success as self-made.

All of a sudden it gets lonely at the top – or what appears to be the top. Often, life has gotten out of balance with health or family relationships. There’s a sense of achievement but a lack of fulfillment and meaning. But it’s not the top. It was a plateau. It was one peak.

The climb from great to really exceptional leader lies within – a commitment to bettering yourself in service to others. This work can be the scariest and hardest but also the most necessary and beneficial. You’ll see it pay off in work, family, relationships, community…every area of life. It’s a force multiplier. Exponential.

My Story I’m a husband and father. My son is one of the biggest, best parts of my life.

My coaching starts with a relentless standard of work on myself so that I can give the most in coaching my son and clients. I work with youth athletes, highly successful men, and father-son teams in epic, experiential settings.

While each client is unique and amazing, all share these traits:

  • Have an inspiring mission
  • Are ready to make a big impact serving the world
  • Bring along an interesting challenge
  • Understand the power of commitment and investment
  • Are willing to get out of their comfort zone

I’ve been involved with Unbeatable Mind since 2015, a certified Unbeatable Mind coach since 2019, and a plank owner in Tip of the Spear.

I’m an engineer, economist, MBA, business strategy consultant, age group endurance athlete, executive

performance coach, and the host of a successful podcast program where I have the amazing honor to meet and learn from incredible people.

Thus farI’ve completed one SEALFit crucible and am preparing for another. I train in Krav Maga, read, enjoy sports and outdoors, and I’ve traveled/trekked on six continents.

I stand for hope, vigilance, curiosity, and kaizen. I’m here to help lead my son, myself, my clients, and the world to a better place.

Basically…I’m all in. Let’s get after it!